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Lilith H.R.A. Evenstar

Open Roadhouse Blues (Jan. 7 2018)

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Repository ☆ Advance Elemental Magic (VMU), MechanicEvenstar
24 year old Pureblood Human ☆ She/her

Jim Morrison was chanting nonsense out through a magic-resistant surround system contained inside the casing of a classic tape deck radio. This marvel of R.A.M.S. engineering floated along behind its owner, lightly bobbing to avoid the swirling olive green Miskatonic University robes she wore. Lilith was skipping a little as she made her way to the Library, she was excited to see what was on offer. There were no doubt many delightful artifacts available on this and the nearby landmasses, maybe even something worth sealing in the Deep Vault of the Castle...after she'd studied the ever-living fool out of it.

"Thinking of landmasses, Tasmania is supposed where my favorite boots are from," she looked down and saw that she was indeed wearing them, "I wonder if she would like me better in pants than skirts...but I shouldn't. Work to do." The Calling was strong today, she probably wouldn't be able to sleep without learning a new manual spell; fortunately she had copies of Abraham's first 5 grimoires and Agamotto's battle spellbook, which would give her something if all else failed. Lilith was surprised about how quiet and empty the campus was at this hour of the afternoon, even during the summer break.

A gurgling sound issue from her stomach and she elected to stop for lunch. "SAVE OUR CITYYY!" wailed Morrison as Lilith conjured a picnic blanket for herself and set down her extended-interior bag. She was part way through her third sandwich when a shadow fell over her, she looked up at it, "Hello, can I interest you in some food?"

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