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December, 2018
School Status:
Ending Term 4

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An AU non-canon Harry Potter-inspired forum roleplay set in Australia.

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Derrick Ackers

Complete Where the Breeze Blows

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Professor Head of Spencer ☆ Professor at Tallygarunga✩ Kaitore
26 year old Halfblood Human ☆ HE/HIM

Derrick stood outside of the main building of the school in an opened space waiting for the students to arrive, each one given prior notice that the Term three and Four classes would have cause to be more 'exploratory' due to their potential volatile nature even compared to fire which could be contained. The element of Air was a wild horse of sorts - a mare that couldn't be so easily tamed and thus often always wrecked havoc when things were let loose. Something that he had been dealing with on some students, some more prominent in the 'screwed up AGAIN' category more than others.  

Due to the colder weather he found himself a bit bundled up in a jean jacket with fur stitched on the inside, both of his hands within his pocket while standing within a withered field with his eyes looking about the area for a moment. A nod followed through with a positive assessed grunt "This looks as good a place as any! Hopefully no one will conjurer up a house from the wind to drop on some wicked witch - Naaah - no one will have that kind of freak accident happening." Though other things could be much more likely with the things that had planned and managed to set up. 

This run there were two types of 'Dummies', targets, that he had in place for each student, the first had been a well-stabilized make-shift windmill. Each was constructed with strong materials to keep it in place in the ground but to also have a durable windmill attached onto it in hopes that it'd be able to withstand against the potential throttling air-spells that could be produced from just about any kind of talented individual. The second target was much more dangerous to the point he had to bury part of its stand deeper into the ground than he had expected using an Earth spell.  It was in the shape and make of an Archery target except made fully of durable metal that were known to be conductive to electricity - A dangerous effort for sure but he had promised a full scope and understanding of the Elements in all of its terrible glory. 

Informed students were better equipped to handle their magic rather than avoiding the elephant in the room after all. 

As he turned around to give a usual greeting to the students that would start to arrive, his hand rose up lightly with a light. "Hey there folks! Glad to see you this lovely and cold day! Hope you're ready to get your adrenaline pumping because this lesson will be much more active than the last two we were messing around with - We're travelling into some intense territory with Air magic today."

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VMU Students ☆ Quidditich Player - Chaser , Muay Thai Assistant✩ Kaitore
18 year old Muggleborn Human ☆ HE/HIM

Like usual, Tyson arrived to class just on time - he had been making it more a habit of it to build up a positive rapport. He had to make sure that he not only could maintain good and consistent grades but also that whatever was going on within his life wasn't causing them to suffer. No, on the contrary, it had to make it seem as if he were excelling even further due to whatever linger influences may reside. Of course, it was harder to be optimistic on that end when the crazed Elemental Professor had the class outside on a somewhat breezy day as his hands pressed into his jacket and he let out an exhaustive huff. 

"Man. . . This is gettin' even crazier than I thought it would. . ." He mumbled under his breath and the course of a whirling wind that hopefully did well to mask his verbalized discontentment. Eyes drifted upwards to hone more on the targets - much like the Water and Fire lesson - there seemed to be focuses for the intention of having magic used against them. He wasn't looking forward to seeing how something as dangerous as the forces of Air could be flubbed up but he had to admit that he at least got a work out with using his magic and keeping up with having the ritualistic movements committed to mind. 

Everything was handled safely, right?

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Repository ☆ Fifth Year ☆ Student✩ Shell
2019 year old Halfblood Human ☆ She/Her

Iris was humming to herself, as per usual, as she made her way toward class.  Long gone were the wide-brimmed sun hats and in their place was a scarf and a warm school jacket, her hair blowing with the wind as it circulated through the area.  She couldn't help but wonder why they wouldn't be in the classroom today, but it was soon explained by the professor that they were harnessing air today, and since it was already windy.. made more sense to be outside, she supposed.

What she didn't like, however, was the word 'intensive'.   She didn't want more intensive classes, they were doing just fine before, particularly since they were starting with an entirely new element.  She swallowed, feet shuffling in the dirt nervously as she lowered her head.  This was going to be a disaster.

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