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Eudoxia Miller

Open Make The Man (Dec. 30 1017)

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Melbourne ☆ Creative Director Melbourne DanceKay
33 year old Halfblood Human ☆ her/she

Though the promise of her husband being home more and more was nice she was still seeing him less and less. Without some help she would have to leave her position as the studios creative director and commit to being at home full time. Something she had not wanted to do from the start. She had sworn to herself that she would not become a housewife at the whims of her husband. Not that Jason had asked her for that, but he had been busy to the point they had not been able to talk about how busy he had been. That and she had not been able to discuss the conversation she had with her father, or with her older brother. The fact there was another one of them, here in Australia. One who had been raised without them for so long. 

That put them in a very strange category. They likely had lived a life that was much less complicated. Sure he didn’t know who his father was, but he didn’t know the constant disappointment the rest of them had felt over the years. In a very perverse way she was jealous. She let out a sigh as she looked across the beach. This had always been her sanctuary. She had to figure out how she felt on this subject based on many things, the biggest being Atlas moving to the country and being a much more present grandparent than he had ever been as a father. She wouldn’t take that away from her children, but she worried that he would disappear one day. Old habits… 

Lot had come over, he had wanted to talk about the new brother they had and what they would do about it. How to break it to Kora and Petros. That would be the hardest part of this. They had a much harder time with their father than Lot and Eudoxia did. Lot had also offered to let her go run a few errands while he stayed at home with the kids. She didn’t feel too terrible they were all asleep. Doe should be asleep too but she needed to pick up a few things. Which had lead her to the lollygagging. Not to mention standing outside the store she had bought Petros his robes those two years he had been at Tally she thought about it now, picking out robes once again. It wouldn’t be long before Silas was off and on his way. Lilah was at Bilby now… And their brother…. Their brother was at Tally.

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