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Naoki Nakamura

A Rare Opportunity

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Repository ☆ Seventh Year ☆ StudentBlackbird
Muggleborn Human ☆ He/Him

Tallygarunga had a musiciary.

Naoki couldn't be happier. He loved to sing, don't get him wrong. But there was a large difference between playing music you like and singing along just for yourself, and singing and dancing on stage to crap music that someone else had chosen. And it had been years since he had been allowed to just... sing. To sit, and play music, and sing along. To sing without having to please the audience, or be ruthlessly berated by some trainer or manager.

And so when he came across the Musiciary, empty aside from the welcoming instruments, he could have cried. The instruments were beautiful, well taken care of. Polished metals and oiled wood, carefully plucked bowhairs and perfectly tuned strings. But what caught his eye the most had to be the Grand Piano, for sure. Sitting off by its lonesome, it practically begged to be played on. And so he did.

In a carefully practiced motion, he slipped off his grey light jacket, allowing it to hang on the edge of the stool, leaving him in his white muscle shirt. With that, he sat down on the bench, head high, feet flat to the floor, and back straight. Perfect posture from years of practice. A few quick keypresses to check the tuning of the piano, and he began to play. Notes flowed from the piano like water in a stream, long fingers dancing across the keys. Knowing the song by heart, he began to sing as though cued.

"Azamuku ni wa ososugite
sasayaku ni wa orokasugite
Sono omoi o tsuki ni utsushi  yoru o wataru
hito wa minna  zetsubou no
kago no naka de  kurasu kotori
dareka ga kagi kowasanai to tobenai"

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Spencer ☆ Seventh Year ☆ Guitarist/Vocalist - Local School Hero!✩ Kaitore
20 year old Halfbreed Sorceraic ☆ HE/HIM

It had been quite sometime since he had graced the endearing Musiciary room, ever since things had started to spiral out of control between the suddenness of his relationship advancement - the other issue that came way before then that seemed to surround his family like a plague waiting to infect all that got within proximity enough. Truth be told, he hadn't been practicing music as often as he used to aside from the small meet ups he'd have with those that he had connected with on that kind of bond, a bond of music. A guitar case in hand to protect Sapphire from the elements, Alexander figured he may as well give the old gal a good session of play just in case he wouldn't be able to do so again. 

That had been the plan but like many plans that were devised there was a major change as the sound of strings from a piano being plucked by the mechanisms radiated from the room before he even had the chance to step through the entryway. It was only placed in second as a unique sound to his ears due to the lyrical notes of a foreign language following in unison with the notes that were being struck on the keys. With light foot steps he proceeded into the room trying his best not to make any sudden noises that would halt the process that had been flowing from the young man. After all, a musician who had sought to find the solace of silence to make joyful noise onto their own ears probably didn't have much of a chance to do so - that or needed the sound of music to think through the struggles that may be surmounting. 

Taking off the somewhat weighted jacket to protect him from the brisk evening outside he'd set it down over a small table that had been nearby a stool. Deftly as if it were second nature itself he'd press the guitar case on top of it to unlock it open and slowly pry it open to stare at the glossed cobalt hue of his guitar that nestled inside. His hands curled around the head of the neck to carefully lift it up and bring the strap over his shoulder while he turned to sit down on the stool that had only been a short walk. With his right leg lifted up the foot would plant itself against the second bar to the stool. 

Alexander just listened, the tempo that had been the strings to the keys, fingers first shadow followed on his own guitar mental checking and tuning it from memory and familiarity with his instrument. Without a word spoken he began to play following along as a background player, the tone similar and adjusting bit by bit until it had been as close to unison as possible - A complementation to the song being played on the piano. 

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