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December, 2018
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Matthew Belmont

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Narragyambie ★ Sadrienne
51 year old Halfblood Human ☆ He/Him

Light no longer blinded him, and the strange sensation that was proper touch was no longer uncomfortable. His mind slowly readjusted to being back inside his skin, and the intensity of it all began to wear away. Doctors and nurses rushed around him, asking questions he could only answer with slight nods or shakes of his head, disused vocal chords still asleep in his throat. The tiny movements were tiring, muscles protesting even though great care had been taken to ensure they did not atrophy too much while he lay unconscious. There was no real substitute for proper use.

What had happened? He remembered Lorelei, but... hadn't Kate said something about the girl being ill? Everything from his life in limbo was growing fuzzier, as though it really were a dream. Here in the physical realm once more, so many things were happening all in a rush. It almost felt as if he'd been asleep, he remembered stepping out onto the road that day far more clearly than anything that happened since.

Had it been just that? A dream life substituted while he lay sleeping? Fuelled in part by the stories imparted by visitors as he lay there, to be dreamed into his imagination... how much of what he barely remembered was real? To think that his spirit had become so bizarrely disconnected from his body... that seemed a stretch now. 

Assured he was ready for it, the doctors backed away and left him to the beeping monitors and an empty room. Just long enough to brace himself, a long-awaited reunion just seconds away. 

She sent Hazel in first, following a step behind. He could tell immediately that she'd barely slept, she'd not stopped to put on make up, or even find a jacket that matched her trousers. Her hair was tied back to hide the fact it hadn't been properly styled, and she looked more beautiful than he ever could remember. His lips turned up in a smile, Kate followed Hazel over. 

"Good morning," said Kate. Hazel didn't bother with the ceremony, she leaned across the bed and hugged him so tight he had to gasp for breath. Matt bent his neck enough that he could press a kiss to his daughter's head, amazed at how much she had grown. He remembered seeing her... or did he?... but the reality of it was... so much more than that. She was here. She could see him. He could be part of their lives again.

Cool breeze hit his cheek, and he realised it was wet. He was crying. Kate was too, and Hazel. Though he couldn't say it, he could feel it. What drew them together from the start hadn't faded, and as Kate's hand folded over his and held it tight, he was complete again. 

They were a family again.

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