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Anthony Wolfe

Open If You Go Down In The Woods Today (Jan. 21 2018)

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Professor Head of Sturt ☆ Magical Law and Government ProfessorKay
38 year old Muggleborn Human ☆ he/him

With the semester starting in little over a week Tony knew he would get busier and busier as he met the demands of his students. Letting out a small sigh he placed the incomplete syllabus down. It wouldn’t be much longer before he had to turn it in and explain how it would help the students with their end of year exams. It was a relatively easy thing to do, just time consuming. After the Secord year he had come to find it a bit cumbersome. Not that he had much choice, he had chosen to teach and there was paperwork that came with it. Though nothing as bad as filling out insane forms in triplicate… three times. He shook his head. 

”You ready kiddo?” he asked as he looked at the little girl sitting on the couch reading. It made him smiled when she looked up and nodded. She looked more and more like her mother every day. That smile… it was her smile. She grabbed her things and he grabbed the food. He had not been brave enough to bring something he had made, but he had gone to the store and gotten a nice cheese platter. It was always interesting when they had to bring the food- it was not that they didn’t know how to cook, but he had to admit it was always better when his wife added her special touch to the whole thing. Or his mother. 

At least the cheese plate was easy enough. Tony had selected a rather nice place for the father’s picnic, he didn’t mind being the one to organize these things. He was actually quite good at it- he was organized that alone was something for him to be proud of he supposed. Letting out a small laugh as his daughter explained a few things to him on their way. He sett the things down he was glad to see that the lawn games were set up for the arrivals. ”Ah hello! Glad you could make it the food should go on the tables… and the games are set up… we’ll have a few events once more people get here.” Everyone loved a three legged race.

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