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Evony Wynter

Open Skinny Dipping {Mature}

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Repository ☆ Fifth Year Nikki
16 year old Pureblood Centaur ☆ She/Her

Saturday, May 26th

11:36 AM


This was the place Evony had been told about. earlier in the week she had started asking about the local sites, more specifically where was a good spot for a swim. A few had mentioned that Korrowi creek had a few spots that were tucked out of the way. While most of the creek was shallow and not very wide, there were a few spots nearby that emptied out into deeper wider spots. One, in particular, was fairly close by and offered a scenic place to cool down when the sun got too high. It was described as having soft sandy banks with many grassy sections shaded by several nearby trees. The slow-moving current carried nothing but cool crystal clear water. In short, it was an oasis of sorts, a small slice of paradise for anyone who could find it.

She had been eager to get here, even going so far as to prepare her things the night prior. Not much though, just a blanket, some snacks, one of her books, and some water. SHe had planned to spend the day in the shade reading and relaxing. Upon arriving Evony was shocked to discover that the descriptions of the other students fell short of the place she now stood. Yes, it had everything that she had been told about, but given the surrounding terrain, it made this small green gem stand out even more. SHe couldn't understand why other students weren't crowded around here on a nice day like this, but she didn't dwell on the thought, it was their loss and her gain.

The first hour or so she spent laying on her blanket reading her book. It was one of those trashy romance novels that feature a chiseled hero on the front, with long blonde hair, and his shirt open. It certainly wasn't the kind of material that had any real value but for some reason, she was hooked on these kinds of books. The idea that there was always some overly dramatic love affair that always worked out, and was filled with unbridled passion just appealed to her.

After a bit, she found that even in the shade she was becoming warm. Her focus shifted now from her book to the inviting cool water flowing just a few feet away. She had intended to go for a dip and now seemed like a good time to cool her skin in the water. Evony took a quick look around to determine that there was no one around. She wasn't worried about being spied on, but it was a habit now to look around before doing something like this. After a few moments, she stood up and shed her clothing, A white slip that covered her lower half and a t-shirt that bore the insignia of her old school, before making her way to the water. 

The water itself, while deeper than the rest of the creek, only came up to hips. For a normal person this would be deep enough to hide for sure, but for her, it meant she needed to kneel down in the water to soak up to her shoulders and hide from view. It was as cool and refreshing as she expected, and for a time she simply frolicked, splashing around and submerging herself entirely at points. It was absolutely lovely. On the shore, sitting on her blanket was her clothing, food, and her book, all completely forgotten for the moment.

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Repository ☆ First Year Cait
11 year old Pureblood Human ☆ He/Him

The one good thing about coming to Australia was the new variety of flora and fauna available as potions ingredients. There was a veritable ton of potions Brinley had always been eager to try that had been impractical due to the ingredients necessary. Now, those same potions were suddenly available to him, and while it meant that other potions were now off of his plate, he was trying to look at the bright side for once. So the first Saturday he was on campus he loped a satchel over his shoulders and began scouring the grounds for ingredients.

He’d gotten a pretty good haul by the time he was ready to turn back for lunch. He figured he’d make one final lope by the beach—shells were high in calcium and could be useful—before heading in for his noon meal. As he crossed the beach, his dress shoes shifting awkwardly on the sand, he spotted a blanket laid out with food. Weird, he thought. After all, it was winter by Australia standards, and though the weather was certainly warm enough to him, having come from England, he’d figured the locals would be past their beachcombing days.

He shrugged it off, continuing down towards the water, his eyes for the most part on the sand. And then he looked up, and caught an eye full of soooo much more than he had bargained for. Instinctively, Brinley’s hand rose to cover his eyes.

”Merciful Merlin!” he said, the words rising unbidden from his lips without his sayso. ”Is this an Australia thing? Because my uncles left me wholly unprepared for naked women.”

His face, he was sure, was as red as a tomato. He took a few steps back from the water, stumbling a bit in the sand as he continued to try to keep his eyes averted.

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