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Derrick Ackers

Invite Where are we going? [May 15th, 2018]

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26 year old Halfblood Human ☆ HE/HIM

The last month had been a bit hectic even for his own tastes, he liked crashing weddings as much as the next person but never to cast a spell that would put a wave of people to sleep. He to admit that was one thing that put him in a bit of a bad mood, mostly, because it reminded him of a crucial part within his life. As much as he tried to keep an optimistic front to it, it held a heavier weight on him. Which perhaps didn't help that he had recently then and even now considering the very idea that he had been trying to escape, what were he and Arti? They never classified things just. . . Happened, what they did, just happened. 

Not that he was complaining, she was fun and it was a good feeling and presence to have albeit the uncertainty was something he wasn't used to and even more so the constant thought of the fact it was even a present thing. 

Today was a primarily mild day in comparison to what the weather had been like and being near the lakeside offered up a much better breeze than being directly in the city which was comforting in its own way. A long sleeved shirt nestled on him which was covered by a light jean jacket as he stood directly at the waters edge just peering at the constantly bubbling and flowing stream that coursed through the area. As much as it had been his opposite in every way, it ironically offered a calm that gave him some time to reflect and consider the words that he needed to say and not sound like a bumbling idiot - or worse- have it fully Derrick-fied where it wouldn't even be said, it'd be entirely avoided by him with some kind of ploy. 

It was tough when you're the opponent to yourself where it all needed to count and you needed to stand up, there you were, slapping yourself down. His hand fished through his coat pocket to pull out his phone as his head tilted slightly, he had been waiting Arti to arrive, knowing that the place he told her to meet him at was something unorthodox to what they usually would do, where they'd usually go. Even to the point that a small little basket with picnic goods settled inside of it and its woven surface planted right next to his legs, not the best day for a picnic but who really wanted to sit in a drenching heat for that kind of stuff?

Derrick leaned his head back to let his eyes gaze skyward and let out a gentle sigh - it had been a while since he actually had nerves like these that welled up within him. It seemed to stretch like a wave of heat and pressure against his skin that condensed its own form of perspiration. Like someone pressed a heavy fur coat over his entire body.

"Come on, Sparky, you ain't 'fraid of nothing." A gentle whisper to himself.  

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