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Anthony Wolfe

Open Make the Apple Red (Dec. 18 '17)

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Professor Head of Sturt ☆ Magical Law and Government ProfessorKay
38 year old Muggleborn Human ☆ he/him

For Tony the end of the year meant lots of grading and lots of office hours for his students. The tasks always felt so daunting especially when it seemed everyone was on the look out for extra credit. It was not like Tony to not help his students but there had to be a line drawn somewhere. Though he was relatively pleased with the way the term was ending- and most students had managed decent grades with the effort they had put in during the year. Though there were those few who still wanted some help salvaging their grades. Tony always offered one end of term project that would allow them the ability to raise their grade. It was a case that he would give them to work as though they were aurors. The cases changed yearly at least they changed in the last three years

It was a case he had worked and solved, they would have all the answers so long as they followed the clues and used the enchanted parchment correctly. They could work in groups of three and they would be able to ask him 2 questions each. So working together was better than alone. So far he had one group that had solved it. It was not a surprise they were some of his more impressive students. He smiled at the thought. It was reassuring that he was not a complete failure as a teacher. It was a career change and he was making the most of it. It was actually rather fulfilling- he chose not to put himself in the line of fire but he was still affecting the world by teaching those who would become Aurors.

Tony had ben to the hospital wing to visit one of his student who had managed to blast his hand while practicing he wzs concerned about his exam and Tony had not minded going to assuage any fears he may have, that he would allow him the make up. He would need his hand for the exam. He chose a rather leisurely pace back to his office it was much easier to avoid the pile of parchment on his desk. The man was carrying a rather bright and shiny red apple- tossing the object into the air as she walked he was distracted by a glint and the apple fell to the floor and rolled to a stop at someone’s foot. He smiled sheepishly at them. ”Mind rolling it back?” he asked aware he would not being eating this apple today.


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