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Narragyambie ☆ Junior Dance Instructor, Co-Creator of GeVe Productions★ LilyCat
19 year old Pureblood Fairy ☆ She/Her

Word had somehow come about regarding an idea for having some midnight eats one day in the Spencer Common room. It hadn't been a big thing, and Cassandra recalled mentioning that she was sleeping horribly and sometimes just wanted to get up and have some ice cream or something. Somehow, it had all turned into the idea for a midnight meal of sorts, that a few students decided they'd be in on. Word had got around the students in the school a bit, though there were a number who weren't interest, those who were had just been simply told to show up around midnight in the Great Hall.

Somehow Cass and Alex had been lumped with cajoling the school's House Elves into making up a few things, as well as simply setting up a music system to play something quiet as background noise. After all, what was a midnight meal without at least a little bit of music to while away the time. To be honest, Cass wasn't that worried about getting in trouble either. The party they'd arranged had turned out fine, and it wasn't like they were doing anything over the top or dangerous.

And to be honest, it was just nice to have something to do besides toss and turn all night. It was getting to the stage where the young women thought she'd be better just sleeping at home.

Still, as the food began appearing on the tables, the redhead found herself actually feeling a little hungry. Mostly for ice cream, which she dished up a bowl of for herself while she waited for others to turn up, sitting down on a seat with her foot bouncing to the quiet rhythm of the song that was playing while she enjoyed her triple chocolate mud brownie swirl.

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Repository ☆ Fifth Year ☆ Student✩ Shell
Halfblood Human ☆ She/Her

When Iris caught word about a midnight feast of sorts, she was more than happy to find some excuse to stay overnight at the school, and had it okayed with her parents.  She wans't about to miss out on something just because she usually boarded at home.  She used the excuse of a project, which she did have one, to stay, and when the late hour rung in, she hopped out of her bed and tiptoed her way out of the dormitory, although not without tripping over a chair first.

She soon found herself at the great hall, eyes looking all around and taking in some familiar faces and some new ones.  The tiny blonde ran over to Cass and wrapped her arms around her in a hug of hello, excited to see the redhead, before taking a seat next to her.  "You're always in the middle of these things, aren't you?" she asked with a laugh, catching a glimpse of food out of the corner of her eye. "Ooooooo that looks yummy!" she said, all but bouncing in her seat.  Yes, this was going to be awesome!

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Spencer ☆ Seventh Year ☆ Guitarist/Vocalist - Local School Hero!✩ Kaitore
20 year old Halfbreed Sorceraic ☆ HE/HIM

Chatting up the in-house Elves wasn't an easy thing, most were trying to stick closer to the rules but they had managed to work out a bit of a deal. Really, it was more of putting Alex out as the sacrifice to being an unpaid musician for a party a few of the Elves wanted to throw later in the year as a celebration. He had heard a bit on how they partied and knew it was going to be something to write home about of sorts but the not getting paid bit? Ah, well, he often worked for free anyways so it wasn't that big of a deal or a hit and he could use these kind of moments. 

As he watched the clock strike at midnight within his dorm room a gentle sigh exhausted from him. Everything just felt so much heavier and filled with weight and the greatest oddity had been that he held no pain even after avoiding physical contact with most of his family members. Using Divination had churned up nothing at all for him on the reasons why, almost as if his sight was blocked purposefully. Which he also just chalked up to the fact his bloodlines were yet again causing more issues than solving solutions or answers. 

It took him awhile to get towards the Great Hall and he had left a bit after Cassandra so he managed to show up on the scene just as Iris practically tackle hugged the red-head. It pulled a low laughter from him. "Two short people starting up the fun already? People aren't even fully here yet." It was time that he pressed up his more optimistic attitude as he formed a wide smile. "Good to see you're the height of energy even at this time of night, Iris." He slid by the blonde giving her a strong hug before shifting over to sit next to Cass. 

"Hey there, Lover, is the ice cream that slamming?"

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Repository ☆ First Year ☆ Studentpyjamaviking
Halfblood Human ☆ She/her

Scarlett rubbed her eyes. She'd had to resort to a muggle alarm clock to wake her at five to midnight. She was embarrassed about it, but she knew she wouldn't be able to stay up that late. Sometimes she hated being twelve. Scarlett swung her legs out of bed and scrabbled for her hearing aids.

With her dressing gown wrapped around her and her wand in her hand, she snuck out of the common room behind the disappearing shape of Alexander Winfield. He was already in the hall when she got there. "Hi Alex," She said, sleepily. She was almost betrayed by a rumbling tummy, but the feeling subsided before it got too loud. That was the thing with hearing aids, everything was so much louder and echoey. It was hard to judge what everyone else could hear and what you were picking up on because of your aids. Stupid microphones, she cursed. Scarlett knew better than to complain about things that were gifts. Immediately she felt guilty and started mentally listing reasons why she was grateful for the little devices. For starters, her's worked around magic. 

There were two other girls in the room. Scarlett didn't think she knew either of them. They seemed close, and she wondered if they were sisters. "Hello," She said, a little more alert now. "I'm Scarlett," She took a bowl and filled it with crisps. 

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