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April, 2019
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Tallygarunga: Term One, VMU: Semester One

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An AU non-canon Harry Potter-inspired forum roleplay set in Australia.

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Repository ☆ Magical Law and Government ProfessorKay
Muggleborn Human ☆ he/him

Most of the time Anthony was all too happy to remain on campus and do what ever work out that needed to be done during the day.  However, something about the time of year always made him a little squirrelly.  He always claimed it was “something” about spring weather but he knew it had to do with his wife.  He knew it was just as hard on his daughter, but she had at least managed to make some friends and he was actually quite delighted to see her get back to her usual cheerful self.  It had been a bit of a gamble when he moved them from their home in the states to someplace on a whim.  It had seemed like a good idea at the time.  However, it had not backfired.  That was at least a win in his book.  He had helped the MLE here- which had been why he had gone into consulting in the first place. 

What he had not anticipated was making that shift into teaching.  However, that had been the right thing for the family.  His daughter was settled, more settled anyway.  He had disrupted her life quite a bit already- he had not wanted to do so again.  Though he was fairly sure that she was not too happy with the fact that her father was on campus and able to look over her shoulder when he wanted to.  He did his best not to meddle, but it was damn near impossible.  That and as she got older, she looked so much like her mother.  It sometimes took the wind out of him when she turned the corner and he was not expecting it.  However, it was a good thing, to see that their kid took more after her.  It could have been terrible for her had she looked more like him. 

The thought made him chuckle.  Tony had started running along the creek, it offered a few different challenges that he didn’t get on campus.  The water, the pavement and the trails.  Tony liked the way it felt to have the different challenges.  He was a man too easily bored if he did not challenge himself.  He had learned early on in his career he needed to keep his mind just as sharp as his body.  Human behavior was complicated.  You had to be able to predict some things… which was a whole hello of mess honestly.

Tony slowed his pace to a walk his hands akimbo as he smiled.  The feel of the burn, lactic acid build up… It was a good feeling.  Walking towards the bench just ahead he took a swig of the water bottle he had in his hand.  ”Mind if I use this piece of bench.” he questions propping his foot up for a moment to rest.  ”Not a terrible day right?’  He said through pants. 

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Repository ☆ Host of 'Chronic Requiem'Poppy
Halfblood Veela ☆ She/Her

Sturn didn’t know how long she’d been at the creek, standing in the water with her shoes off but allowing the water to soak as far as her knees in the places in reached. Her sandals had been slung on a vacant bench along with her bag and wand before wading out. She didn’t care that the hem of her dress does wet as she moved, all she cared about was walking around the creek and allowing her thoughts to wander.

New information had come too light recently, information she wasn’t sure how to process. Her marriage had officially ended over a year ago. Her ex-husband had moved on with a new woman and the pair had recently welcomed a pair of twins into their shiny new family. Sturn had been sure she had made peace with everything that had happened. So when that invitation had arrived it shouldn’t have knocked the wind out of her like it did.

It shouldn’t have caused her pain.

But, it had and so she had waded into a creek to try and sort out her thoughts and feelings about the entire situation.

She’d had her eyes closed the entire time, blocking out the sounds of everyone around her and she allowed herself to attempt to process the way life was once again trying to kick her in the balls. Just as she felt she was getting to the right mental place, something soft and slimy bounced against her bare leg.

Squeaking in surprise she jumped back, head turned downwards looking for the offending slimy attacker. He was nowhere to be seen, clearly he’d done the job that he’d set out to do and was now swaggering off to upset another creek interloper.

Pushing some hair back over her left ear, the woman shook her head whilst turned and trudging back over to the bench that held her items, only to throw herself down on it, crossing her legs and looking mildly annoyed at not only herself but her slimy assailant.

That was when a voice sounded just off to the right of her and she turned her head slightly until a sweaty man came into view.

“No, I wasn’t using it.” She said in way of answer to his question about the bench. She openly studied the man for a moment, acknowledging his accent as that of American – well, she assumed American. That was when he mentioned the day.

“It is a lovely day.” Sturn replied studying the American stranger. She should engage him in a conversation, conversation would keep her mind off what was troubling it “You run here often?”

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Repository ☆ Magical Law and Government ProfessorKay
Muggleborn Human ☆ he/him

Upon the stranger’s approval he moved to tie his shoe before he went through his stretches.  There was nothing worse than one’s muscles locking up.  Not to mention the slight embarrassment that he would possibly feel if he sat down and couldn’t get back up.  That was enough of a reason… that not hearing what his daughter would say when she heard about her dad not taking his own advice.  He was kind of really terrible at it.  Taking his own advice.  It was a wonder they had made him the head of anything let alone the Sturt house.  He sort of wondered if it was not something that was passed to him to appease his annoyance with the school.  He never really trusted someone fully. 

She shrugged.  ”When I can get away from campus.  I like the terrain.”  he said as he moved to the back of the bench to stretch out his claves.  ”I have to admit the weather was a big draw today.”  Small talk was always interesting.  He never really mastered it and he was friendly enough that he didn’t really care to master it either.  That was just how it was.  His daughter claimed she had no idea how her mother had ended up with him and the honest truth was that Tony had no clue how he had managed to score her let alone any woman. 

”Enjoying your day?”  he questioned.  A rather common small talk question.  He supposed he didn’t know why people asked questions, especially in this setting.  People were lairs and there was very little someone as going to tell a stranger.  At least he felt that was the case.  He rarely told strangers much of anything beyond his name and how he felt about the weather. 

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