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December, 2018
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Ending Term 4

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An AU non-canon Harry Potter-inspired forum roleplay set in Australia.

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Friends Rika
26 year old Non-Magical Human

Savannah Ryan - Profile Link: 

15 ] Bourke Student ] 5th Year ] Auli’i Cravalho 


I am all for basically anything at this time, especially since she's so far into her studies as a 5th year student! She does enjoy animals be it magical  or not. You can see from her profile she loooves horses, so stuff with animals is a good start! Since she is 15 I am unsure how I'd handle a romance plot with her. I really don't know what else to do at this time, but anything posted you may wanna do is fine. . Magical Creature encounters, normal animal encounters, and stuff like that is a big one I know. She is a bookworm, loves the history of magic, and is a smart girl. Basically I want her to make friends and such, maybe romance down the line as long as it's organic. Nothing beyond the old hugging, kissing, cuddling due to her age though! :P 

Don't Want: 

I don't want plots that involves triggering content such as abuse, rape, non-con, and all of that. She is 15, and  know she'd not see most of this but still it's a no-no even for if I make adult characters. I don't want romance that's not organic as I don't like rushing my romance plots/threads. 

Dalton Chang


28 [ Prof of Defense Against The Dark Arts [ Christopher Larkin


Plottings with students of his, romance things like fluff, dating, or whatever. Maybe we can have some drama too? :P I really think he's open for anything right now. 

Don't Wants:

 abuse, rape, non-con, and all of that. I don't want romance that's not organic as I don't like rushing my romance plots/threads.  I want to take time with romance with my characters. 


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✩ Moddies ✩ Kaitore

*Rolls in for an ALL OUT ATTACK!* 

Okay~ Lessee~ 

@Tyson McKennis is a fellow Bourke and her 'Senpai'! In the actual meaning of the word! As far as possible plots I could see a kind of friendship that reflects on the fact they both are active personalities. Albeit, Tyson knows very little of animals so that'd be something that he could get involved in understanding. Currently he struggles with trying not to emulate his parents, who are muggles and disowned him. So, connecting him with friends is important. 

@Alexander Winfield Is one of the many recent additions into Spencer House, and while not the well known 'Prankster' he is certainly a well known starter of things. Such as the co-owned party that happened with @Cassandra Sullivan with the entire school invited for the fun of it - teacher's and all. Adventures is the name and getting stuck near some kind of Troll Den is his game! Not purposefully, slightly purposefully. I can see tons of Magical Creature encounter plots, especially of recent for him, seeing a Thestral would trip the boy out. But he could use more friends around too, especially those that don't mind too much encounter the magical entities in the Wizarding world. I mean, how awesome would it be to meet a Merfolk person, amiright?

Starting with other Bourke's. . . I know @Blackbird has Morgan, who has a service dog - which is a connecting piece already!

In the school as a whole if she's a bookworm I know @Shell and @Mousie have a couple of the bookworms! Or at least in Mousie's case, the person who the Bookworms encounter anyways! Haha. 

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✩ Moddies ☆ Stay at home Mom✩ Shell
2019 year old Non-Magical Human ☆ She/Her

Hey-ho!  Look at that nifty tag, thanks Kai!  I have.... three people I can toss your way [somewhat easily].

Iris - She's my fifth year, a flinders girl.  She loves animals and her CoMC class, and is incredibly friendly.  She reads a lot, but it's pretty much all fiction of some sort or other.  She often doesn't finish books though because she sees a new one and goes OOO I WANNA READ THAT and ... does. xD

Gerry - My truer bookworm, this sixth year sturt spends a LOT of time in the library.  She's not friendly, she's decided she hates most everyone, and when she's not in the library, working on an experiment or practicing her quidditch game she is glued to kai's Alexander Winfield or her sister [when able] Morgan Richter, who is a seventh year [bourke] npc/adoptable, or hanging out at the memorial garden.

Josie  - School nurse.  Former student housed in Tally, she's fairly nice, if a bit odd.  She collects ocean and goat themed things.  She and @Viktor Valentin are the ones Savannah will see if she ever gets hurt.

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Friends Guest

I have two characters, one is a secret werewolf, @James Almoor There is actually an open thread with him in Korrowi Creek going all werewolf. Then I have @Illuka Wenz Wandless Magic Professor...I don't know what to say, I'm terrible at plotting things out and am an organ writer...I'm sorry.

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