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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

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a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
October, 2019 :: Spring

Class Health and Healing 01

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Tally Staff ☆ IWP undercover Agent/Enrollments CoordinatorPoppy
45 year old Muggleborn Human ☆ He/Him

Ash had arrived at his classroom earlier than intended. He had intended to arrive after the students, wait long enough for them to get comfortable and start doing student like things. Then burst in and take points from them all. He paused briefly at what was now his desk, allowing himself to drink in the pleasure that would be completely screwing everyone over by constantly taking points from every single student. He really was going to have to watch himself; he could get drunk on the power of being a professor. Well, an imposter professor. He really should put robes on, he thought, looking down at his basic t-shirt and jeans attire.

He shrugged off that moment of pause and set about setting up the classroom for the students that soon would be invading.


He sat on his desk as the first few students started filtering in, he proceeded to ignore them, and his eyes remaining on what he was reading until the people stopped filtering in. Then, with a sigh, he put the book down and flicked his hand at the entrance to the room closing the door with a bang.

“Welcome to Health and Healing.” He said, gripping the edge of his desk as he lent forwards slightly “I ‘am Professor Gastrell, for the really stupid members among your number I am the guy that’s teaching this class.”

Standing up, he gestured to the tables that he had set up around the room “As you can see there is food and drink around the edge of the room for you. In this class you can drink, eat, put your feet on the table and even take off your ties.”

“However, you piss me off and you won’t be passing. So, once everyone has collected what they want, settled back their seats then we’ll begin with a few rather boring things. Things such as your name, why you are taking this class and even, if you feel the desire too, an interesting thing about your life.” He looked around at the faces of the students “Sounds good? Good, disperse.”

((occ: Have your students get food then do the introductions bit, please J))

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Spencer ☆ Seventh Year ☆ Guitarist/Vocalist - Local School Hero!✩ Kaitore
20 year old Halfbreed Sorceraic ☆ HE/HIM

A bag had been slung over his shoulder as he walked into the classroom following a few students that had been ahead of him during the trip to the classroom. This was. . . Quite the odd experience since it was one of the few classes that he wouldn't see Cassandra in but at least he knew there'd be a few familiar faces amongst the crowd once everything settled in, that much he was sure about. Once walking into the room his eyes caught the very unique structure of the classroom more so at the tables that had an assortment of goodies that were looked as if they were meant to entice, a trap, maybe? If only his name had 'Ackbar' somewhere in there, then he'd be in the perfect moment. 

Offering up a slight shrug he decided to take a seat within the second row of the classroom where that would be located and settled the bag next to him while trying to remove his textbook. This class, more so than any other, was crucially important for him on so many levels and way too many reasons. The address made by Professor Gastrell caught him slightly off guard and that had only been due to the fact that every teacher seemed to be insanely quirky in their own and at least he made it clear. Piss him off and that's a grade drop and well. . . He couldn't afford that kind of hit. 

Eyes shifted towards the table of food and drink that had been pointed up and then turned his attention back towards the man at the front. It seemed not many people would stand up first and he may as well be the ice breaker as usual when it came to classes! Hands pressed on the table before him as he started to stand up. "Heyo~, For those that don't know I'm Alexander Winfield! As for the why I am taking this class I am looking to actually get into medicine." Alex left the reasons ambiguous no one needed to know that there was a somewhat selfish yet selfless reason behind this particular choice and focus. 

Then sat back down, he wasn't going to get into just how interesting his life was there... Just was way too much to even consider and then not consider at all. 

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Repository ☆ Third Year Blackbird
Halfblood Human ☆ She/Her

Morgan scowled, setting her backpack on her lap. She'd damaged the wheel of her wheelchair, and it was no longer perfectly balanced as it had once been. She didn't trust it to remain balanced if she hung her backpack on the handles as she usually did. And, she was fairly certain, Roe was laughing at her.

The dog was plodding along ahead and slightly to the side of her, the Chocolate Lab's thick brown tail beating a rhythm against the metal of her chair. His harness was attached to his green service dog vest, and he made sure to keep it within grabbing reach of her dominant hand. He kept looking over his shoulder at her, making sure his girl was safe.

"Roe," she hummed, and the dog looked up, seeing her gesture at a door. He opened the door for her, before backing up to let her through. She wheeled in, looking around. A scruffy looking man was sitting at the teacher's desk, dressed in little more than a t-shirt and jeans, reading something. She offered him a smile, before finding her way to a desk that allowed her to remain out of the way. Roe pulled the chair aside, and she scooted up to the desk, setting up her supplies.

The teacher addressed himself as Professor Gastrell, and she giggled quietly at his remark about being the teacher. The man seemed... not what you'd expect, for a teacher, but what did she know?

Alexander, who she recognized from a few of her classes, introduced himself first. She raised her hand after him, before speaking up. "Hello, I'm Morgan, and this is Roe." she gestured at the dog, who was sitting pretty at her side. "I'm taking this class because I'd like to get a job in Healing in the future, thanks to all the Doctors and Healers who have helped me."

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Repository Blackbird
Halfblood Human ☆ She/Her

Samhain hung behind the rest of the crowd walking to Health and Healing, tuning out the droning of their speech. Her everything hurt. Her joints hurt the most, weak from malnutrition, and her muscles felt fatigued. Usually, she would have put on some weight by now, having spent so much time at Tally, but an uneasy stomach and stress had caused her to stick to picking at her meals, often skipping them together. In fact, she thought, as she felt her shoulder blade click, she might have even lost weight.

She slipped into the classroom behind the others, looking up to see a scruffy looking man sitting at the teacher's desk. Was he to be their teacher? Didn't exactly look the sort, she thought, turning to sit down in a nearby desk. The food looked very appealing, making her stomach grumble, but she'd long learned to suspect food dangled in front of you. The man looked the sort to give you detention for falling for it, thinking you'd be allowed to eat in class.

Looking around, she was surprised to realize she recognized her fellow students in this class. Even Alexander was here! She waited until there was a lull, before speaking up, fiddling with the sleeves on her robes. "I-I'm S-Samhain, I-I'm tak-taking this cla-class because I-I find heal-healing inter-interesting."

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Repository ☆ Sixth Year ☆ Flinders Student✩ Chromatic
Halfblood Human ☆ She/Her

So call it her propensity for order and precision, or the fact that her father had previously been the professor of this class, and so, Siwan was used to his teaching style, either way, the change in staffing left a sour taste in her mouth. She did try to stay positive though. Surely the newly appointed professor was competent.

She was used to seeing professors taking what little time they could between the classes to catch up on work, or perhaps some personal time, so she was not at all surprised by the casual attitude prior to the start of class. As usual, she unpacked her books, pulled out a notebook and pencil to be placed neatly on the desk. The first thing that set her on edge was the food and drink, aside from water, in a healing classroom. It was only the first day of class, but this introduced an entirely new level of contamination in a place that was meant to be hospital like. 

She waited politely, rubbing her fingers together under the desk, nervous about what she was going to say. 

"I'm Siwan." She paused. She knew the students, and they should know of her at least. No need to run though the usual introductions. "Actually, professor," it felt not quite right to be addressing him as such. "I was hoping that you had a syllabus available. Most professors here have them available at the front of the class, or somewhere convenient, if they weren't sent out ahead of time. Or are we to continue with the previous professors lesson plans?" She had already started to shuffle through papers to find the sylabus that her father had previously made. 

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Repository ☆ Fifth Year ☆ StudentRika
Muggleborn Human ☆ She | Her | Hers

She was unsure what to think of the professor at this moment, but she would surely do well to listen to the man. Not obeying or being a jerk wouldn't get her far. Plus, Ava is too smart and knows not to act out anyway.

Savannah had listened to the directions that were given to her and stood up to get food and drink as the professor had requested. For the time being she listened to the others speak about themselves and listened pretty well to them. She had shown that she was paying attention in the classroom by not looking distracted or anything. 

"My name is Savannah Ryan. It is a pleasure to meet you all." Savannah said, smiling to the students and professor in the room. "The reason why I'm taking this class is to learn about health and how to better heal our body and soul. Something along those lines, perhaps. Maybe even learn about medicine " Ava continued speaking in a confident tone.  She had wanted to learn all she could, especially since she had been a 5th year. 

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Repository ☆ Sixth Year ☆ Student/Janitor✩ Shell
Muggleborn Human ☆ She/Her

Geraldine, as usual, was among the first to filter into the classroom.  She took her seat, hands quickly grasping her hair and to braid it back and tie it off instead of leaving it down.  She looked around as the class filtered in.  Some familiar faces, some unfamiliar. There were a few faces she was more than happy to see were not here.  Her eyes flickered back to the front as the new professor began speaking to the class.  Well, he was a right ass, wasn't he?

She eyed him warily about the food table.  She wasn't thrilled about getting points tossed out if she stood up and grabbed something, but she was also thirsty.  Alex, unsurprisingly was the first to rise and speak up.  She sighed, then followed behind him toward the table, grabbing something to eat, but mostly had gone for a cup of water.  Her bag was on her arm as she moved, and when she sat down, she took the seat closest to him instead of the one she had been sitting in, dropping her bag to sit between her feet.  She wasn't surprised by his answer, although she couldn't help but wonder....was he starting to give up on the music?  She hoped not.

Eventually she found a gap in which to speak.  "Gerry Richter.  I'm here because contrary popular belief, I don't want to break everything I touch.  There are people I'd rather heal and mend."  Something interesting?  There was nothing 'interesting' that she wished to share with the group. Her life was hers, and she only shared it with those she actually gave a damn about.

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