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March, 2019
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Tallygarunga: Term One, VMU: Semester One

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An AU non-canon Harry Potter-inspired forum roleplay set in Australia.
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New Header, and Bookmarks!

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Some quick updates after a few late nights of coding.

New header!

You may have noticed Tally has a new header! Or... maybe I pushed you here on Discord to look at it. I also do that.

The buttons below the sliding panel will jump straight to a particular panel. The lists are there to give you a quick overview of what is happening in particular areas of the board, with "see more" buttons to take you to... well. See more. Panels also contain links to do things like add highlights, gossip, all that fun stuff!

Some fun stuff about particular panels:

  • Members/Characters: Lily and I decided that "of the month" isn't us. It's not very Tally-esque to celebrate one character or member when we love you all so much. So these panels show a random selection of members and characters from the Active Characters and Member Directory databases.
  • Open Threads: This panel is set to show any threads marked "Open" that have zero replies. They're sorted by oldest first, to give older threads a chance to be taken first.
  • Adoptables: This works off the new Adoptables/NPC system tied to the regular Active Characters system. Characters accepted as NPC/Adoptable will be randomly displayed in this panel, so if you've not moved your adoptables over---the "Add Adoptable" button is there for you!
  • Updates: Obviously the most important panel, cause this is where you can see shiny Tally updates like this one.

You'll also notice that the characters listed in the Characters panel have weird shorthand HB PB HM etc.
This is because Mousie incorrectly allocated the tags in the database. The issue has been fixed, but the characters need to be refreshed/resaved for the changes to apply to your character entries.

All you need to do here, is go to your character records, edit, make sure that blood status and species are set correctly, and save the character again. This will fix it!


This one is for @Shell, because I love you (and all of you) and I wanted to find you an easier way to track your active and favourite threads. So welcome to Bookmarks! I didn't create this, but it's pretty nifty!

When you're looking at a topic, you'll now see the following button:


Click "Bookmark" on a thread you want easy access to, and it will trigger this pop up:


Save the thread link in the way that you want. Public bookmarks are shown on your user profile, while private ones are... exactly that! You can create categories to track active threads, complete threads, or just threads you're currently stalking. Whatever organisation system works for you!

To view your bookmarks, go to your user menu in the top-right:

Under Content, you'll now see the My Bookmarks button.


Click that to be taken to the lists of bookmarks you've created! It's not very pretty, but I've managed to get it to show the last poster name (so you'll know if it's your turn to post. :D)

It will get cleaned up and made to look better, but enjoy! 


Love always,

Your Mousie.

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