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March, 2019
School Status:
Tallygarunga: Term One, VMU: Semester One

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An AU non-canon Harry Potter-inspired forum roleplay set in Australia.
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Shiny buttons system!

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You might have got a flood of notifications recently. This is part of our Shiny Buttons System! (aka: Awards)

Awards are little acknowledgements for cool things you contribute to Tally. Some awards are a once-off thing, and others have multiple levels. Most will auto-award, but others need to be applied for.

Our current once-off awards are:

  • Claimed a house allegiance (just post in this topic!)
  • Completed the character's account profile (see this topic)
  • Survivor of the Great Copy-Paste of 2018 (already awarded to participants)
  • Submitted to the Member Directory (will auto-award in future, if you've already added yourself to the directory and don't have the award--let me know!)

Awards that have levels go by how many times you've done something on the board. The levels are:

  • One: Once
  • Two: Ten times
  • Three: Twenty-five times
  • Four: Fifty times
  • Five: One hundred times
  • Six: Two hundred times
  • Seven: Five hundred times

Not all awards go up to level seven (yet). The earnable awards are:

  • Welcomer (post to introductions topics and make our new members feel welcomed to Tally! Awarded per Player, max level 5)
  • Plotter (post to Splotting topics with your brilliant ideas and plots. Also includes the Mini Plots forum. Awarded per Player, max level 5)
  • Terrific Timeliner (submit events to the Great Tally Timeline. Awarded per character, max level 4)
  • Happy Highlighter (submit highlights/quotes to the Thread Highlights system. Awarded per Player, max level 5)
  • Rambunctious Reactor (react to content across Tally. Awarded per account: player and character, max level 7)
  • Explosive (accumulate reactions on your content. Awarded per account: player and character, max level 7)
  • Status Star (update your IC status. Awarded per character, max level 5)
  • Prolific poster (total post count on the forums, awarded per account: player and character, max level 7)

Most of these awards have counts beginning from today, and content created going forward will be counted.

Those of you who have submitted to the Great Tally Timeline, please let me know how many entries you have posted with each character as I will need to manually adjust your totals and deliver awards. :D

And if you can think of any other categories that would make for fun awards, let me know. I'm always interested in new ideas!

Love always,

Your Mousie.

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✩ Moddies ☆ Stay at home Mom✩ Shell
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Dawww none of my previous reactions count. OH well.  As for the timelines... mother of god okay um.

  • Gerry:11
  • Iris: 3 [more to come after this, but it should auto-update after that, yes?]
  • Josie: 14
  • Mairead: 5


Also need the member directory award~

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