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Character Database Updates & Stuff

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★ Admin ☆ Tinkerer of Things That Shouldn't Be Tinkered★ Sadrienne
Muggleborn Human ☆ She/Her

Hello all! It's been a while since I last pestered you by tinkering with things that probably don't need to be tinkered with (but damn it, I'm doing it anyway!)

Over the next few days, I'll be adjusting and restructuring the character database system. This will involve:

  • Adding a section for Non-Played Characters to be listed
  • NPC characters will have an optional tag to mark them as "adoptable". This will eventually replace the Adoption Center.
  • Re-jigging the character profile display
  • Re-jigging the character list display

A few changes have already been made:

Two fields now exist for the character's name, Full Name and Common Name. The difference is what is written on their birth certificate, as opposed to what they are known as in the wider world. Eg. Alan Laurence Burdett is his full name, but he's just known as Alan Burdett. Because I have set "Common Name" as the record title, I have gone through and updated all the records. If I got it wrong, I am sorry! You'll be able to edit it as you need.

Age fields for characters have also changed. 

  • Date of Birth: This is the DOB field used previously, and will continue to be used for characters born before 1901.
  • Apparent Age: This is the current "age" field, and will continue to be used for characters whose visual appearance does not match their chronological age (eg. non humans)
  • Date of Birth - Auto: This will be the primary DOB/Age field from now on, for any character born after 1901. I'll be using this field to auto-calculate character ages for the profiles, because who can be bothered to maths?

A new database has been created to store member information. The Member Directory will be a shiny little list of all my favourite people (that's you guys!) and make locating important information just that little bit easier. It also provides a much better platform for listing and detailing things such as triggers, characters (which will link automagically to the character profiles, ta da!), and what sort of plots you're keen to write. The fields in Member Directory also have much better permission structures, so things like your Discord handle, age, etc will only display to approved full members of the site---while other general information will also display for guests.

A new field has been added to the Characters database, called "Player". Once you've added yourself to the member directory, you'll be able to select your entry from here---so people can go from your character listings to your member listing in a single click. EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED.

The character profile sheet has been modified. Yes, except for Ministry most of the profiles now look a little rough. But I'm working on getting the rest of the CSS classes in there. Don't panic!

But why, Mousie? 

A lot of this is to help smooth some back-end processes, and make it easier to call particular elements of information without doing a million SQL joins. Things like having the character's common name directly entered into the Characters database means I don't have to write seven lines of code to find it in the account name. With the current system, the alternative is to use the Full Name field... which would mean every character's full name is listed in timeline entries. Which is a bit bulky!

NPC and Adoptables listings will also mean that those characters can be added to Timeline events. So along with charting the movements of active characters through their lives, we can also chart their siblings and determine who went to school with who, etc.

What can you do to help?

I'm glad you asked! There are a couple of things that would make my life fantastically more easy. They are:

  • Add yourself to the new and shiny Member Directory!
  • Go through your character profiles and edit in your Player listing.
  • Also add the Date of Birth - Auto for characters born after 1901.

Post below to let me know you've got yours done. Your help is much appreciated!

Love always,

Your Mousie.

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