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A little bit about me and my roleplaying habits: one, I clearly have a very bad sense of humor. two, you should usually expect a reply from me in one to three days - when life gets busy, I'll let you know! three, I'm usually open to pretty much everything, so go ahead and throw ideas and threads at me at any time! four, I really enjoy spontaneity and surprise in rp, so I don't plot a lot! I plot to get a general direction or idea, but I like for actual stories and relationships to develop in writing. So I'm actually a terrible plotter, but that doesn't mean in any way that I'm not super excited to play with you!

Mary Ohara


Quircky 29 years old Charms Professor

Mary's a muggleborn from Melbourne, who's still pretty attached to her muggle side. Her muggle little brother is probably the most important person in the world for her, she taught at a muggle school for a couple of years, and since she discovered animated gifs as an alternative to those lifeless muggle pictures, she's been an instagram-habitual. Her big thing is people. She's permanently fascinated by the people she meets, and she can be a bit too curious about how people work. This translates into a friendly, incisive, and terribly annoying personality, as well as bioth a completely lack of respect for personal space, and a honest, uninterested attention to her friends' life.

Plot points, or where you come in!

Legilimency - What better way to get in people's head than to actually get in people's heads? Learning legilimency has been a long-term goal for Mary, who is unfortunately not a particularly skilled witch. Luckily for me, that means she'll be working on it a lot, and she needs your character's head to train in!

Back at Tally - As a teacher, she's caring and attentive to individual students' needs, though she can sometimes lack on exigence and the capacity of standing her ground. Mary's been a teacher at Tally for about a year, and being back at Tally reminds her how much of not a skilled witch she is. She loves the kids, but she often wonders if they wouldn't be better off with someone brighter.

Shrunken heads and the not exactly dead - She keeps a collection of shrunken heads in her office and one named Frank as her keychain, which is likely to not sit well with some people. Paired with her habit of chatting with portraits and photographs, it's one of the ways Mary has of investigating people without having to bother everyone she knows.

Your ideas, or where I come in!

Mary's intrusive, open-hearted and a little bit obnoxious, which can make it easy to use her as a plot device! If you need someone who will snoop around, ask all the questions she shouldn't and/or do something completely careless out of some sense of curiosity, she's your girl! 

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I have a First Year that would obviously take Charms. She'd be shocked at the shrunken heads at first, but would quickly find them interesting. She loves weird art. 

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