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Derrick Ackers

Complete Burning your Choice!

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Professor Head of Spencer ☆ Professor at Tallygarunga✩ Kaitore
26 year old Halfblood Human ☆ HE/HIM

There had been many questions that popped up and it also seemed that not every student had a good grasp on what they wanted to set on fire. That was -perfectly- fine for Derrick as it meant he got all of the fun of choices and reactions. Some may enjoy the choice he offered to them and others? Well, not so much. Really, it all came down to if people were willing to just have a bit of fun with it and see it through regardless of what it may or may not look like. While the class was designed to be informative by experience and practical work it was intended to be a fun design so that they wouldn't be bogged down by the idea that they needed to do extra homework in comparison to the other much more intensive classes around the school. Especially with how the Term was coming faster to a close it meant that certain things had to take just a bit longer to set up and get the proper materials. 

Luckily, Audrey had been such a peach on acquiring everything he needed provided he made sure that 'No students were harmed in the process'. Such a silly rule, as if he could ever be held accountable for accidents! 

But he did promise and so it was due to heavy consideration that he managed to set up a class that would require students to be outside and well prepared with a hat and proper. There had been a bucket with iced water and several bottoms of water delved inside to keep them cool and refreshed. At the center of where Derrick stood had been a magic crafted stone flattened ground with elevation of steps that led down towards it about four feet deep just for safety reasons, it was easier to manage fire in such a condition and gave him ample enough time to act in most cases if people were aiming at their proper targets. The circular stone grounding had been wide, wide enough that it could facilitate the class to make sure no ones spell would accidentally back fire enough to harm another student, or, at least that would be the major hope of it all. Not everything was easy to consider in the long run with how unpredictable magic could get with even the slightest hint of difference in either tool or practice. 

Different parts of the area had Student's first names and materials just under them that they had either asked for, asked of him to choose for them, or just didn't decide themselves so he made the decision in their place. His arms opened up wide to face the approaching or present students alike as a wide grin formed on his face. "WELCOME! TO THE ARENA!" His voice was firm and held all the animation of an announcer at some form of competition. "This my dear Young Lads and Ladies, Is my very own well crafted Stone Flame Pit! This is where I expect you all to keep the blaze contained in while having all the fun of setting stuff on fire! Find your names, get your stuff ready and situation in a neat little space in the stone-made area and begin to start your day of fun!" Arms finally lowered while pressing the hands deep within the pants pockets. "This is a practical magic session, keeping that in mind, the main thing I want each of you to take care of understanding not just for your own objects but for the various different ones -How- they react to fire. The subtle or drastic changes, the way it burns or how fast it burns, the intensity or lack there of. More importantly is the resistance, fire is good, but not everything will take to the blaze so swimmingly. " Well, if anything was swimming it probably wouldn't be on fire unless an additional function had been set in place. 

"Enjoy yourselves! I KNOW I WILL!" He grabs up a foldable chair and unhinges it from itself and made his way up the stone steps and pressed it into the ground above. Then proceeded to sit down on it and cross his legs ready for the students to begin. Ah. . . This was going to be something! As relaxed as he may have seemed to be his wand was aptly held in the right hand as if expecting something to go wrong and placing himself in an armed enough situation and a wide enough view to identify and react swiftly. 


Student's Burning Objects~!

Samhain - A Bundle of Bamboo wrapped up, Two Ingots of Iron with a note (Hey this stuff ain't easy or cheap! So keep an eye out on the stuff that changes about it!)

Morgan - Two Bike Tires with a note (Just cover your nose I left a mask! You're going to neeeed it!), A Bundle of Bamboo

Cassandra - (Written under her name - SUPRIIIIIIISE) It had been a small bucket full of Lipsticks without the canisters, Two Balls of Yarn

Siwan - A note written (BIPPITY BOPPITY BOO, I GOT SOMETHING FOR YOU!) - Three Bundles of Copper wire, White Wooden Dresser bedazzled with a bunch of colorful jewels and cartoon stickers. 

Iris - A note written (Okay, Bubbles! Your new nickname~ I got something righty for you!) It was a massive Teddy Bear with a bow that tied at its neck stuffed inside with cotton, A Ceramic Urn painted to imitate Greek images. 

Mairead - A note scribbled (Earth is Great! But Fire is the current mate! Can you burn what I gave!?) Four woven quilts stacked on one another, A bucket filled halfway of rose petals. 

Geraldine - Yet another not written on (Seems like you could have used a hand last class! Get it!? No? Okay, well, Here get this instead!) A bucket filled half way with various marbles, two squares of tanned leather. 

Tyson - A note slapped on the sign. (You show you have like. . . Only one thing on your mind and I respect that! Just remember, this bag ain't for punching!) A Punching bag, A small chest of two bottles of Ink. 

Alexander - The note written on it had been scribbled on. (You just had to get difficult with easy on terms of burnage! It's cool, Just, you know, keep your aim focused. ) Waxed Wood Planks, Wool. 


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Spencer ☆ Sixth Year ☆ Guitarist/Vocalist - Local School Hero!✩ Kaitore
19 year old Halfbreed Sorceraic ☆ HE/HIM

Eyes fluttered several times as he stepped outside with a nice hay woven hate that extended out on his head. He made it work and it worked him, the sun wasn't touching this lovely face without a fight! As he approached the stone encirclement his eyebrows arched upwards at how it had been designed, did this guy make up in the morning thinking up the most unorthodox things in the world? Not that he minded it added more fun to the course but there had still been that lingering issue of practical magic which wasn't sitting well with him after each step taken closer to where the class would gather up in order to hear out the first bout of instructions. "Arena. . .?" He questioned while looking back at the various materials and how wide the circle had been. This was going to be a massive raging collection of fire, wasn't it? 

Alexander searched around the area until he made it to a massive sign that had his named scrawled on it - Was that a note. . .? He reached out to grasp it and an eyebrow arched upwards with a smirk that danced on his lips. "Ha! Yeah, sounds like something I would do and not really consider it, doesn't it?" Wool and waxed wood, what the hell was he thinking? Chances are, it was nothing, that day had been much more hollow feeling than he had wanted to admit due to the argument but time would heal the wounds and the tension would hopefully dissipate with it. 

He started to shift out the wood to design a makeshift teepee and the wool sprawled out on the ground away from the wood by a few centimeters. That way they wouldn't catch the other on fire and mess up the cohesion of studying it just a bit better. He removed his wand, or really, his loan-wand and pointed it towards the wool first and a sense of hesitation drew within him. What if this didn't work? What if someone got hurt from it all? Maybe instead of practicing like a wizard he should practice as something else and intended to invoke a forcible will that would be honed towards the target, or so he thought. "Incendio!"  Instead of a fireball coming out from the tip of the wand the sign that had his name lit a blaze instantly with a roaring fire, a high level fire at that. 

"Why is ho-" His eyes averted towards the sudden heat that grazed in a warmth at his face. "CRAP, CRAP CRAP!" He kicked the sign down into the stone and started to stomp on it fiercely as if it that would pull it out. He glanced around for a moment to find the tub of water bottles and dashed over towards it, snatching a bottle, and jettisoning back opening up the plastic top and sprawling out the liquid across the flames until it had been low enough for him to stomp out fiercely. "Shit. . .

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Bourke ☆ Seventh Year ☆ Quidditich Player - Chaser , Muay Thai Assistant✩ Kaitore
17 year old Muggleborn Human ☆ HE/HIM

This class was getting stranger and stranger by the days and the strangest part had been. . . He had actually been enjoying it? Maybe it was just the light atmosphere and that there wasn't such an intensive work load behind it all which gave him a lot more time to deal with everything. He had arrived in his usual time slot not too early but not too late with a fitted hat on pressed outwards that had the Bourke symbol hand-stitched against the surface. He represented his House in all that he tried to wear and that went even to the choice of hat wire that he preferred for the dome. Then he stopped with the collection of students as Professor Sparky decided to explain how everything would go for this particular class session which gave Tyson a wide grin on his face. 

Finally, some practical magic that he could get into. After the miniature speech given by the Instructor he stepped into the stone 'arena' pit to look for his own spot only to leap to the side at the sudden spark of fire. "Mike's Lisp!?" He stated in a surprised tone. Not that he'd ever meet someone who'd get what he meant by THAT little saying, not that many into the Muggle world or celebs that were in the boxing ring. A hand wiped at his brow as he shook his head feeling that it was a close call as he assisted in stomping out the fiery sign without hesitation and moved on his way. This was going to be a hell of a lot more dangerous, wasn't it?

Tyson snatched the note that had been attached to his name and after reading he snorted and shook his head. Was that man really that predictable? Whatever, he was how he was and he didn't plan to change it anytime soon and not for anyone. It worked for him and he succeeded don't fix what isn't broken. He started by setting up the punching bag and then pressing the bucket with the couple of ink wells next to it and proceeded to dump the ink out of the wells and straight into the bucket. Then he removed his wand and pointed it towards the bucket of ink first tracing through the air, a simple one. "Incendio!

The fire suddenly started, not even as a small flicker due to the  way the magic worked against the Ink even turning into a massive roaring fire inside of the bucket as it started to flicker and waver higher and higher, Tyson stepped back just a hair to avoid getting his eyebrows burned off. "Oh~ Yea~. Talk about letting the rage out of the tin."

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Sturt Blackbird
16 year old Halfblood Human ☆ She/Her

Already, it was time to attend her second class for Elemental Magic. It was weird to think about, but she forced herself to put Bumble into his pen, and to head down to the class. They weren't meeting in the normal classroom, but outside. So she'd dressed ready for the heat, slathering herself with sunscreen and pulling on a hat over her dark hair.

She slipped down into the 'Arena', watching as the teacher addressed them. Samhain couldn't understand how he remained so animated and cheerful in front of so many people, but she supposed that teachers were just a different sort of breed.

As she was instructed to, she found her name, and looked over the list. An embarrassed flush covered her cheeks when she saw the comment on her iron, and she made certain she was going to do so.

Once she was set up, she set out the  Bamboo first, taking off a single piece of it first. Taking a deep breath, she pulled out her wand, beginning to cast a quiet "Incend-"

Suddenly there was a burst of heat, and she turned, seeing Alex seemingly struggling with his flame. Hearing him yelling, she cast "Aguamenti" on the flames.

"Alex, are you alright?" she asked, concerned.

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Spencer ☆ Seventh Year ☆ Junior Dance Instructor★ LilyCat
18 year old Pureblood Fairy ☆ She/Her

Cassandra had been feeling a little off, and she couldn't pinpoint why it was, or what the cause might be. She wasn't even certain what it was that felt not quite right as she wandered over toward the 'arena' that had been set up for today's lesson, which apparently was solely based around burning things. She could get behind that, she supposed. And she brushed her fingers over Alex's arm as she passed him, offering a small smile, before finding her own name and what she'd been given. Yarn, she'd seen burning before, but the lipstick was going to be an interesting one.

The redhead didn't even wait for instructions before she waved her wand to cast with the words, only to find that nothing happened. That strange feeling grew a little stronger and she rubbed her head. That wasn't right, she knew this spell, and could do it, so what was going on here?

There wasn't really enough to time to look into it anyway though, as she caught the sudden flare of fire coming from Alexander's direction and her eyes widened as she left her spot to go offer assistance. It looked like between he and Morgan though, they had it under control, and Cass simply tilted her head as she looked at the charred sign that her boyfriend had managed to set ablaze instead of the materials he'd been given.

"Always have to be different, don't you?" Cass asked Alex quietly with a small smirk and a wink toward him. "Are you feeling alright?" She then whispered, watching him closely, remembering what he'd said about magic draining him or making him get sick rather easily. She didn't want him collapsing or something out here.

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