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Calixta Karras-Pappas

Complete wouldn't it be nice

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Repository ☆ CursebreakerKay
45 year old Pureblood Human ☆ her/she

The move to Australia was not one that Calixta had planned for.  In truth she was content in Greece, at least for a time.  She found she was restless more often than not since Kosta had died.  It was strange to sit still- to wake up and roll over and expect to see him.  It was not something she would have considered before her husband had passed honestly.  Then things had changed.  Her children had grown up and had their own things going on.  They would visit her wherever she was and with her brother moving to Australia and opening a new branch of the business, it made sense she base her operations here as well.  They had not been using curse breakers for long, but they were now a standard.  Which meant she took those curse breakers who had decided that a job at the ministry was not for them. 

There were things they needed to look for, and there were lots of bodies they would need.  She had come with a few of the more senior breakers with her and they had been busy training.  It was good for her, she was able to focus on things easier than she had been before.  She had not though the change of scenery would have been so good for her. The moments she had been able to find free time, she had actually used it as free time.  Spending time with Atlas, her nieces and nephews and grand nieces and nephew had been truly a blessing.  That was one thing she knew for sure.  That and she had come at the opportune time to meet her newest Nephew, though he was not a baby, but nearly a grown man.  Cali had seen the stress that it had caused her brother.  Though the fact he was making changes and working towards something made her wonder about him… She was rather worried about Atlas.  

Then again as the baby sister she had always worried after her brothers.  That instinct had not changed.  Atlas was not perfect, but then again none of them were.  It seemed like the Karras family was hard wired to mess things up.  They had been doing it long enough to know just how.  Though she supposed they should really spend time learning how not to mess things up… but they managed to keep themselves too busy doing otherwise.   Today however she had been exploring the shopping options in Oliphant.  It was nice to have moments to shop from time to time.  Cali had not been the big spender her brother was but she knew how to spend money when she had the chance.  

She was window shopping for the time being.   That was one of the few things she could trust herself to do.  When she went into the shops she had a difficult time saying no.  Especially to shoes, but for now she was doing alright.  She was standing in front of the pastry shop and she found that her resolve was beginning to crack.  ”Please tell me that the pastry is horrible so I won’t be tempted.”  She let out a soft laugh. 

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