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March, 2019
School Status:
Tallygarunga: Term One, VMU: Semester One

House Points

An AU non-canon Harry Potter-inspired forum roleplay set in Australia.
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House Heads!

We've looked through the current Professors and allocated four to be the Heads of each House. This is based part on experience in teaching, experience being at Tally in general, and who would best support and/or handle the general traits of those students who are assigned to each House based on the Professor's own personality and how they do things. This year, there are three new Heads, which shall be interesting for them and their charges!

And our lovely nominated parties are...

Professor Vladimir Valentin II (Alchemy) for Flinders: Big V has been teaching at the school for literally years, and has been the Head of Flinders for almost a decade. His calm demeanour helps maintain the calm with the Flinders students and he is quite skilled at confidence boosting the friendly over-thinking kiddos, not to mention he can answer all the questions they seem to come out with.

Professor Anthony Wolf (Magical Law & Government) for Sturt: sometimes the hard headed Sturts need someone who knows how to deal with those hard heads and give them the raw logical facts and not be afraid of their occasional fierce moments. Anthony's dealt with rough Aurors, and had been with the school for a few years as well. Maybe he's just what Sturt needs to rally them and to be blunt with them when needed.

Professor Flick Petrovna (Potions) for Bourke: though she is new to teaching at Tally, she did spend a couple of years as a student here, and has also gained a great deal of experience in working with students from all sorts of places and backgrounds. Her resilient and hard-working nature, as well as friendly and positive gusto, should allow her to connect with Bourke students as an effectve mentor to assist them.

Professor Derrick Ackers (Elemental Magic) for Spencer: let's face it, when it comes to this House, they require a special kind of patience. Though young and recently returned from a break, he has intimate experience with Tally and Spencer House, as both a student and then student teacher while he was still in VMU, and is one of the very few who would likely actually be able to keep up with the Spencer students and hopefully influence them in a positive way.

What does this mean?

Basically, these four Professors will still mostly just be doing their jobs, as Professors, but there can also be times where a student may seek one out to discuss a problem they are having in their House. Or they may be sought out themselves if they have been disruptive or are causing their House to lose points because of their actions. They monitor the students in their assigned House, but unless the players want to do a thread about such things, there's not a big difference between playing a Head of House and a normal Professor.

BUT, if one of the assigned people doesn't wish to have the role, please message me. We can find a replacement. :D

What next?

Who knows!! There are a lot of things that we had on the old version of Tally, and they will hopefully be re-introduced as Tally V.2 grows and prospers, and as we gain more students and teachers, including things like House Captains, Head Boy and Head Girl, and possibly even School Quidditch Matches! (For now, we can assume there is at least a school Quidditch Team, which I will be putting sign-ups for, along with the House Team positions, so keep an eye out for that!)

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