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Tamarah Blair

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Tamarah Blair

Star Quidditch Chaser
Suggested Play-by: Kendall Jenner
Key Facts
  • One of the infamous Blair Triplets
  • Has a love for all sports, but always especially for Quidditch
  • Was picked up to play for a European team after filling in for another player in a match for Australia when she was only 19
  • Has studied abroad while playing
  • With her contract up, Australia offered her a much better one, so she's come home
  • Secretly loves baking
Typical Blair type appearance, dark hair and eyes, around 5'9, tanned, a very well maintained fitness and toned body. Hates dresses, and hates high heels even more than she hates dresses.
Connections Personality
  • Stuart Blair - Father, and the one who took care of their family after her mother left when she was around 16. Close, if occasionally butting heads.
  • Jezebel Blair - Older sister, and her childhood idol, Tam wanted to be a lot like Jez for years before coming to terms with the fact that they were somewhat different in their tastes and skills. They still share the same Spencer pride and quirkiness though.
  • Améa Nedvidek - Sister and rival. They were somewhat at odds in school, something which only increased when Tamarah found out that she was Jezebel's twin and Jez wasn't Tam's full sister. She's since been torn between competing with Améa, and wanting to be a sister to her.
  • Adele DeVylissea - Mutual antagonists. Adele was one of the only teachers to actually scare the crap out of Tam at school, but that only mean she dislikes her even more, especially after learning that Del is Jez's real mother. At best, they swap snide remarks when in the same room.
  • Other Quidditch players (may have played for Spain with Elektra Devereux for a time even?)
  • Generally outspoken and a typical Spencer brat, Tamarah makes it a point to be noticed and gets a bit cranky when she's even slightly overlooked, though not to an extreme amount. She was quite hyperactive as a child, very 'Spencer speshul', but has probably mellowed out a bit over recent years. Very protective of her family.
    Grew up as the only female of a set of triplets, with one older sister, and another younger brother. Was doted on by her mother, while Jez was essentially ignored by the woman. Loved Quidditch from a young age. Went through adolescent troubles like everyone else. Had a falling out with Jezebel for a short time, when she found out that she was only her half sister, but they reconciled. Was playing as a Reserve for the Australian team when she was 19 and was called in to replace someone. Following the match, a European team offered her a full Chaser position with a good income and so she moved overseas. Five years later, her contract ended and Australia has offered a better one, so she's moving home.
    Plot Points Contact
    Reconnecting with family. Perhaps has her own family now as well. Settling in with the Aussie Quidditch team. Lilycat, via PM or Discord

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