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October, 2019 :: Spring
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Thoughts About Plotters

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So I've always been pretty bad at making plotters. Like, to the point where I would procrastinate for several weeks before one went up for just one character, and updating with a new one would take a week at least. It's definitely gotten easier for me since I've been going through a checklist in my head for hitting certain info points for plotters. I figured I would put these up here to help others that feel like they struggle. I'm still not great with them, but at least there's improvement. 

There are three sections, or categories, if you will, that I consider when I'm making a plotter. Basic Info, Blurbs, and Plotting. 

Basic Info
This covers the quick need to know info that I personally tend to look at when I am considering connections at a glance. 

  • age
  • member group (can be left out since occupation can also explain this... but member groups on Tally also give location info as well)
  • occupation
  • profile link

Will these characters interact at all, and if so, how will they interact. If you have two students, they are obviously peers. Two adults are also peers, but they are far more likely to interact than an adult and a teenager (unless its a teacher student thing). Occupations give other connections points as well. And finally, I love having quick access to profiles. I've never made a plotter without a link to a characters full profile since that can offer more detail than a plotter. 

Character blurbs are often where I've struggled, but I have started thinking about them like being the info on the back cover of a book. Writing enough to entice people to read more and to spark ideas. I personally keep it to one, maybe two paragraphs, cause I've also linked to the character profile, so there's no need to go into too much detail here. Just cover a bit of personality, maybe some of their hobbies, and an interesting fact about the character. 

This is something that I've started to seriously consider, and I feel like it's helped me more. Talking about what sorts of plots you would like to do is incredibly helpful to someone reading your plotter. Has there been something that you've been wanting to do, and this one character fits it perfectly, talk about it here! If you're looking for some romance, that goes here too. Also something to consider are plots or topics that you really aren't interested in. Hopefully this means that people reading are interested in some ideas you've presented, or they have ideas of their own and you two can bounce those ideas around. In a way you've contributed some initial ideas and hopefully someone isn't sitting there saying These characters should have a thread, but I don't know what they can do. 

Any who, I hope this helps someone. And maybe others can contribute ideas to how they go about making plotters. What do you look for when you're looking at someone else's plotter?

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