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--- Wolfe

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Players Kay


Age: 16

Birthdate: September 3 

Year level: Tally year 6 

Play-by: Zendaya Coleman

This is the the only daughter that Tony and his wife had before she died.  Tony was an auror that specialized in cults and so he was often gone and worked long hours.  The family lived and grew up in Asheville North Carolina in the united states.  Little Wolfie was always the apple of her father's eye and he spent all the free time he had with his wife and daughter.  tony often felt as thugh he had to make up for missing out on things.  Once much of the mess in London died down tony was able to be home more.   

it was four years ago that Tony's wife died, she was in a car accident.  it was absolutely devastating and the now single dad took a job with the MLE in Victoria consulting on a cult that was said to be in the area.  Once the cell was eradicated the family stayed.  his daughter had made friends and was happy at Tally.  He was injured almost fatally prompting him to change his career, he was offered a teaching job at Tally.   

Little Wolfie, is much like father, determined and head strong.  her mother was often fighting to shatter glass ceilings and make moves.  She has very much embodied this spirit.  her father is the professor and though it is a bit embarrassing sometimes they have a good relationship.  She is a bit of a of wild one, if she is fired up about  something she is going to go after it hard.  She is also a very compassionate young woman.  she was int he car accident with her mother and came out of it alive, this has caused her to feel rather guilty.  

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