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Hey guys!

Welcome to the new-look Tally! With a new look comes a new method of submitting your character. This guide is... quick and dirty, we'll get a better one up as soon as we can!

Some notes:

You will need a unique email address for each account. This is an annoyingly unavoidable part of the software. But there are workarounds!

  • Use a fake email. I've turned email validation off, so it will go through. Please use your proper email for your user account!
  • Use gmail aliases. If you already use gmail, this is ideal as you can use the same email address with different aliases. 
  • For example, if your email address is regretnothing@gmail.com you can create an alias by adding +whateveryoulike between your main email name and @gmail.com - so it could be regretnothing+mousie@gmail.com, or regretnothing+pooisdelicious@gmail.com. 
  • I will only be sending global emails to player accounts, so if you do use gmail aliases you won't be flooded. :D

When registering, you can select whether the account is designed to be a "player account" or a "character account". 

For player accounts, the process will be the same as before -- a post in Introductions will let us know that you're here as a player, and the account will be sorted.

For character accounts, the process is different! I promise it's not scary. Instead of utilising the user profile system, we've created a purpose-built  database to handle characters. These are filterable and generally just sexy.

  • First, you want to check out the Characters tab. You can see here the category listings and the shiny sidebar with all it's numbers and filters and such. 
  • If you're registering a Tallygarunga student character, you want to navigate to New Student Enrollment.
  • If you're registering any other sort of character, you want to navigate to New Adult Registration.
  • No matter which one you're in, you'll see a button that says "Add Record". Clicking that will take you to the new character profile form.
  • Fill out the fields. You won't be able to submit the profile until all the REQUIRED fields are complete.
  • Note that the proper Editor has been enabled for block text fields, so you can use proper formatting! Go mad with lists, bold, underline stuff. Have fun!
  • When you're done, hit submit. This will send a post straight through to the applications forum and let us staff know that there's something to look at.
  • Once it's posted, it will format itself to be beautiful. You can check out Cass's profile as an example.

I'd like to know how you went navigating this process. It's a bit different to basically anything I've seen done, but it's very flexible and the potential to take data from the custom fields held there and manipulate them as I like is... quite awesome.

Other things to do while you're exploring:

  • Check out the Activity tab. I love this thing. You can find the main one, and some other options listed under the "What's New" button in the header. You can also set up and save activity streams according to content that interests you. 
  • Make a status update! Reply to a status update! You can do this through the user profile. If it's not automatically enabled for your account, let me know and I'll show you where the toggle is. 
  • Check out the new-look Tallypedia. This is where all documentation will go. I'll be writing more/better guides and making these easier to find, but this replaces the old Essentials/etc forums.

Have fun. Try and break the board. Let me know if you do. And let me know any issues you have when setting up character registration, things that you feel could be made easier etc.

Love you guys!


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