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March, 2019
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An AU non-canon Harry Potter-inspired forum roleplay set in Australia.
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Timeline Time!

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The Great Tally Timeline

So it's a struggle remembering when things happen to your character, and that's why we've got the "Significant Dates" field in the character profiles. But what that doesn't show you is what was happening around your character during their lifetime.

Say hello to the new-and-improved Great Tally Timeline!

This database will keep track of any major events that occur to your character, and help you compare where your character was in relation to other characters listed in the database.

For instance, you could look up all students that went to Tallygarunga in a particular year, which would help you find other characters your character may have known earlier in life. 

Alrighty! Let's get into the how-to about the Great Tally Timeline.


The form asks for a "short, descriptive event title". In most cases, these will be up to you. But for a few event types, we would like to use the following format:

  • Births: {Character name} born.
  • Education Status - Tallygarunga/Hogwarts/etc: {Year Level} ({School}, {House})
  • Education Status - University: {First/Second/etc Year} - {Institute}, {Degree Name}
  • Marriages: {Character Name} married/divorced {Character Name}
  • Employment Change: {Character Name} employed as/promoted to/left job {Position} at {Workplace}

If you're not sure how to title your event, have a look and see what's been done already -- and then follow that lead!

Event types

We've got a few types of events that you might like to record for your characters. They are as follows:

  • Births: When your character, or any other character (including NPCs) important to your character was born.
  • Marriages: Weddings and divorce dates, hurrah!
  • Education Status: This marks what your character was studying in a particular year, and where. You'll need to do a new entry for every year of study.
  • Key Life Event: This is any event in the character's life that is significant, but does not meet the criteria of other events.
  • Death: The death of any significant characters (including NPCs) can be recorded with this type.
  • Setting Event: Major events that occur in the setting that may have impacted the wider community will be listed under this type.


You'll notice there's a "Date" field. Unfortunately, the earliest year you can use is 1901 -- sorry for all you centenarians out there! If you have an event you'd like to list that occurs before 1901, use "January 1st 1901" and put the actual date in the event description.

Some standard dates to use:

We don't expect you to know the start and end dates of school years, so when you're putting in Education Status events, just use "01/01" of the relevant year. This also keeps all of the school-related updates together at the start of the year listing.

It's alright if you don't know the exact date of something. This is a good chance to nail down one if you like, and you're welcome to edit and adjust things as you need.

Along with a full date field, there's also a "month" field listed separately. This is purely so we can filter the events by the month they occurred, making it easier to retrieve birthdays and other anniversaries as needed.

Event Location

This describes where the event took place, and helps others to work out what their character may or may not know. Pick the one most relevant to the event.

Characters Involved

Here you can tag any active characters (fully registered accounts) that were involved in the event. You won't be able to list NPCs here.

Event Description

Here you can put any information not covered by the above fields. You might want to go in depth about what happened, or list additional characters that were involved that do not have a full account.

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