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Caleb Ethan Miles

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Caleb Ethan Miles

9 | Narrie / Bilby | No set play-by

Caleb is the moody, protective son of @Adele DeVylissea. Born four days after what should have been his sister Lauren's first birthday (February 26th, 2009), he's lived most of his life in the shadow of Lauren's loss. But he was also one of the most important turning points in Adele's life. Her reckless lifestyle had not stopped while she was pregnant with him, only worsening after Lauren passed. When Caleb was born, at first he struggled to breathe and did not cry. Despite not wanting another child, Adele promised in that moment that she would do everything she ever could to keep him happy, safe, and well.

It's a promise she's actually kept. The bond between Caleb and his mother is strong, almost to the point of smothering. While Adele still has her bad phases, she can and will bring herself back for whatever Caleb needs. He always comes first, and he always puts her first. He's very in tune with her feelings, especially her sadnesses. Any person that may upset Adele's emotional state is treated with suspicion, and/or outright dislike. He gets very jealous of anyone who gets close enough to Adele to potentially cause her harm, including his own siblings @Amiradysébelle Blair and @Améa Nedvidek, and any potential partners. For the years that Adele was married to David Tallenery, Caleb refused to warm to him.

Born a halfbreed of wizarding and sorceraic blood, he was torn between the two in ways that made him sickly as a child. His father's side (wizarding) was dominant by far, and to have him choose the sorceraic blood was almost certainly a death sentence. Not wanting to see her boy in pain anymore, Adele sat by his side for the choosing when he was just three years old. Since then, he's been stronger physically and is now beginning to show signs of magic.

Caleb doesn't know his father, and he doesn't really care. He knows that his father hurt Adele, which is more than enough reason for him to never want to know the man. The one person in his family that Caleb doesn't push away (outside of Adele) is his Uncle @Alexander Winfield. Even though Alex is new to the family, Caleb has decided that Alex is his hero and aspires to play guitar too. 

Caleb's hair is platinum blonde, his skin pale, and like the rest of his family he has eerie blue eyes. They're a little more faded than his full-sorceraic relatives, but still enough to creep out Alan Burdett. 

Adele is well aware that Caleb needs people in his world outside of her, especially with a new brother or sister about to intrude on their family unit. @Stuart Blair is trying to step in as a father-figure for the boy, and his sisters are working hard to be part of his life as well. 

Mostly Caleb lives in Adele's quarters attached to the library, and he can be found wandering around the school as he pleases. If made into a full character, he'll be placed in Bilby to "make some friends his age".

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