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Hazel Louise Belmont

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Hazel Louise Belmont

Age: 7

Birthdate: October 7th, 2010

Year Level: Bilby Grade 1

Play-by: None chosen

Hazel, or "H" as she is affectionately known, is the only child of @Katherine Belmont and @Matthew Belmont. Her mother, Kate, first insisted she attend the junior care programs offered as a lead-up to what Kate assumed would be Hazel's attendance at Penrose---the young witches' school that she is the headmistress of. However, this year, Kate was convinced to allow Hazel to do her junior schooling (at least) at Tallygarunga, where she would be closer to her father's extended family.

When Hazel was around two years old, her father was hit by a tram in the middle of Melbourne. Since that day, he's been in a coma. She has no real memories of him as anything more than a body on a bed, but this doesn't seem to get her down. Hazel is bright, positive, cheery, and always on the move. She was never really going to be a good and "proper" Penrose girl, she likes getting dirty far too much.

Hazel has loved her time in the Whitlam Bilby wing so far, and already has her sights set on being a Spencer when she turns eleven.

In addition to her parents, Hazel also has her uncle @Aiden Longhurst (Fifth Year Flinders), basically-her-uncle @Stuart Blair, and also her mother's former boyfriend-now-disgruntled-close-friend @Alan Burdett looking over her in life. She loves everyone, and especially loves visiting her father's business The Drunken Roo, now partly owned by Uncle Stu, and a place she looks forward to inheriting when she's old enough.

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