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Cameron Alan Burdett

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Cameron Alan Burdett

Age: 8

Birthdate: 21/1/2010

Year level: Bilby - Grade Two

Play-by: None chosen

Cameron is the eldest son of Tallygarunga headmaster @Alan Burdett. Usually known as just "Cam", or "Cammy" when he was very little--Cam is tall for his age, and probably a little heavier than recommended. He loves food and will devour almost anything in front of him. He's certainly not a runt by anyone's standards.

Cam does love to be outside, loves sport, and is a mad supporter of the Western Bulldogs just like his Dad. He was the top batsman of his junior cricket team, which again, his Dad will not stop telling everyone about!

Cam's mother Rachel left the family when he was a little over four years old, just after his youngest sister Octavia was born. Cam does remember her being around, but mostly from visits that occurred after she left. He's not seen her in a long time, and unlike his sisters---does occasionally question why she isn't around. He's old enough to know that most of his friends at school have mothers that live at home.

But he also completely accepts that he has an @Audrey Adagathguarde, aka his father's assistant who lives with the family most nights. He adores Audrey and is equally as likely to go to her for help as he is his father. He adores his sisters Sarah and Octavia, hero-worships his father, and dreams of the day that he too can rule the Spencer dorms over at Tallygarunga.

Cam shares his father's light brown hair, grey eyes, and a cheeky and active nature that is as charming as it is troublesome.


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