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Male romantic partner | <30 years old | For Alic Eron

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Players Blackbird

FC: almost any

Age: less than 30

Sexuality: homosexual

Looking for: male romantic partner for homosexual male. Would like them to start as colleagues, become friends, and eventually romantic partners.

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Players ThistleProse
29 year old Non-Magical Human ☆ She | Her | Hers

If you're interested in a REALLY slow burning romance, I can offer up @Michael Grant-Jones - He's a bit under 30, and he's still mourning the loss of his husband in December, but I'm totally down for him making friends (and he needs a job, though he isn't qualified to be a professor he could like, work on the grounds XD) and slowly going from there. He does have a toddler daughter he's responsible for, but she can easily be in daycare during the day, especially if he were to only work part time at the school (which is what he'd be looking at until she's old enough for the preschool) :)

No pressure, I know he's not exactly what you're after, so if you wanna just leave him on the back burner in case you don't get any other offers, I'm totally cool with that. But he could still use some friends! Lol!


ETA: If you wanna go the slow burn route, I'd be totally into Alic dating other guys during their friendship+ building stage (yay supportive best friend role!), and Michael slowly coming to terms with his interest in him and realising he wants more when Alic is in another relationship and he can have a "karma hates me" meltdown... Because I love that shit and Michael has drama opportunities oozing from his pores because the poor bastard can't catch a break and did I mention I love that stuff? Haha <3

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