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Vampire Attacker

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Players Kay

Vampire Sire

No suggested playby

No suggested Member group 

Key Facts

The vampire who turned Stella 3 years ago 

While they have not had contact they have kept tabs on her 

They feel some responsibility for Stella 

Stella HATES this vampire 



No suggested appearance 



Non suggested Personality 


History/Plot Points

For this ad i want to keep it pretty vague, this could be a character already in play or one you want to create.  The basic idea behind this ad is that 3 year ago Stella was attacked and turned b this vampire.  Because of this Stella was disowned by her family and struggled with school and making things work for her.  Stella is not a fan of her newfound powers and will deny them as best she can.  She does not like to feed on humans but she does so reluctantly.  Basically i see this vamp getting  mad she had more or less spit on the gift that was given.  Stella in turn has a lot of animosity towards the unknown attacker.  I wan to see lots of challenges and character development.  Gender is also not an issue, male female what have you! 



PM, Discord or reply here! 

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