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Derrick Ackers

Reading Elemental Magic Syllabus

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Professor Head of Spencer ☆ Professor of Elemental Magic, Head of Spencer✩ Kaitore
27 year old Halfblood Human ☆ HE/HIM

Welcome to Elemental Magic

Taught by Professor Derrick Ackers 

In this Class you will learn:

  • About the various elements: Fire, Water, Air(We can totally toss Lightning here!), and Earth
  • The various shapes each element can take for potential uses through magic - Not so hard!
  • How these elements react to different objects - Active testing my kids, active testing.
  • Dangers that come from messing around with elements carelessly, This is just so -I- don't get in trouble. . . I mean, your safety.
  • The importance of willpower and intention, seriously, have to make sure you want a fire ball not a stream of fire.
  • How these various elements can applied towards a career, you'd be pretty surprised there!
  • Most importantly, you will learn that Element's are pretty fun! Like, really fun, trust me.

What I expect of you as Students:

  • Let's just get this one out of the way, we still have to respect one another. I don't mind deducting for that - With a smile.
  • Come prepared, by that, I mean actually make sure you have your ready to get dirty clothes. It can get messy.
  • Be open minded! This class is designed to put to test a lot of things that may not be considered 'Typical'.
  • You -can- ask my Assistant questions! Please, don't ogle her, I'll get in trouble for it.
  • Don't get all flustered if something bad happens, we'll handle it a step at a time! 

What will you be graded on?:

Now, this class is designed to be as paper-less as possible. Primarily because that is just fodder for the flame, get it? As such there are no actual exams by writing or even a lot of book learning, the books help for you to get a better idea of where the Elements are their strongest and how they can be manipulated. But, in the end it's going to be on what you experience for yourselves, both in failures and successes. There will be a brief discussion and get to 'Know your classmates and Sparky(Me)' segment but after that session you'll be graded on how active you are in class, and how willing you are to test the different applications for the element we'll be studying. As for which Elements will be focused on we'll go by Terms as not to fuddle stuff up. Homework will be given but don't fret! It isn't something that you can't do, just go out and explore the area once a week. I'll cover this more in class. 

My teaching style -relies- on you all gaining experience and understanding, I am a guide and what you learn is based on how willing you are to follow that guides instructions. If you have questions, concerns, or just want to chat about how Fire can burn down a barn I am easily found around the area. 

Elements by Terms

Term 1: Fire

Term 2: Water

Term 3: Air

Term 4: Earth


Text's needed for the Class

* My Discovery of the Elements - Carlton S. Aquos

* Shapes and Streams, an Elementalist's Guide to changes - Orden Swells

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