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Kora Karras

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Players Kay
Kora Karras

Suggested Play-by: Victoria Justice
Key Facts
  • Is 25
  • is between Eudoxia and Petros
  • She moved to Melbourne 3 years ago but travels
  • mother is a muggle
tan, dark hair, dark eyes
Connections Personality
She is much like the rest of the family, quick tempered, ambitious and gregarious
Kora's mother is from South America and is a muggle. After Kora was born they moved to England with the rest of the family. Kora went to Hogwarts and then after school was not sure where she would go or what she would do. her occupation is up to you... she moved to Melbourne 3 years ago to be near her siblings
Plot Points Contact
Dad has moved to Melbourne learning how to deal with Atlas
Orion is the best kept secret and she now has another brother.
contact me on dicord or via PM

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