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Petros Karras

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Players Kay


Petros Karras

Narrie or Melbourne
Suggested Play-by: Tyler Posey (not set in stone but preferred)
Key Facts
  • Is 21
  • When his mother died he was 16 and came to live with his sister Eudoxia and attended Tally
  • Petros and his father DO NOT get along
  • Was the youngest until the family was made aware of Orion.
  • Has had the most trouble with adjusting to Atlas' newfound motivation to be a father
tan,dark hair, dark eyes
Connections Personality
Petros had always been a little more on the Surly side, as the youngest he often felt left out and like he doesn't fit in. He can be a bit stand offish and prickly but he is able to at least pretend to be sociable. With Atlas moving to Melbourne and the discovery of Orion it is safe to say that he has been a little surlier than usual.
Petros' mother was an american muggle who met Atlas while he was on the East Coast for work. Petros and hs mother moved to england to be closer to his siblings and his father. Petros felt left out due to his age and how he toddled after his siblings. Petros went to Hogwart up until his fifth year and then his mother died and he attended Tally. The rest is up to you. None of the siblings have the same mother and so their experiences growing up coudl easily differ. If you have questions let me know!
Plot Points Contact
adjusting to living with dad full time
contact me on dicord or via PM

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