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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
November, 2019 :: Spring
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To See The World The Way I Do

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The young woman had heard of the cafe that was close enough to the University that she wouldn't get too lost while going there, though when she had been told that it was a gallery cafe, she hadn't expected it to actually be a proper art gallery. Stepping inside, her eyes widened in wonder as she looked around, making her way from one piece to another as each distracted her with something else here and there. She forgot that she was even hungry or thirsty for the time being, her large art satchel hanging from her hand as though a part of her while she marvelled at the displays.

Finally though, her nose caught the scent of pastries and other baked goods, and her stomach reminded her while she had come here in between classes in the first place. She found her way toward the cafe area only mildly distracted and in a bit of a world of her own after that, and when she finally made it there, she ended up having difficulty deciding on exactly what she wanted, there were too many choices!

Deciding to trust a recommendation of the current employee who was working behind the counter, she agreed to something called a foccacia, which appeared to be a toasted roll with some spiced chicken and salad and an interesting sauce, and a Chai latte. They would be delivered when they were ready, so she looked for a place to sit, and couldn't resist the adorable outdoor garden area though the glass sliding doors. There it was that she made her way and sat down gently in her long dress. Due to the cool breeze, she still wore a cardigan, but the cut at the front of the dress was still low enough that the scarring could be seen easily, which meant the cardi was buttoned almost right to her neck.

Once sat, she looked around with a gentle smile on her lips, as though struck by wonder. She reached down into her satchel and pulled out a small fold-out easel and paints, and a blank canvas - it was a good thing her sisters had insisted on a satchel with an extension charm - before she began painting right away without thought, hand moving fast as though she had to capture it as quickly as possible. It steadily appeared she was painting the garden, but there were strange and wonderful creatures hidden among plants and around corners. So caught in her art was she, that she didn't even notice when her food was set down, simply continuing on, occasionally staring at various spots around her with a bright smile.

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