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Lilah Karras

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Players Kay
Lilah Karras

Suggested Play-by: Kristina Pimenova
Key Facts
  • Is 9 years old
  • Mother was turned to a vampire and abandoned her 
  • her father was on the run until 2 years ago, Lot attempted to keep he but her aunt Eudoxia had her most of the time.  
  • She is the first grandchild of Atlas Karras 
light brown hair, light eyes like her mother, coloring more olive toned like her father.  Slight build her mother was fairly petite.At nine she dresses like a child.  she is a very pretty little girl.
  • Lot Karras - Father
  • Eudoxia Miller - Aunt
  • Jason Miller - Uncle
  • Orion Arua- Karras - Uncle
  • Atlas Karrasr - Grandfather 
  • Silas Karras- Cousin (NPC)
  • Persephone Karras- cousin (NPC)
  • Lilah is 9 going on 30.  She is very mature and takes her role as the oldest cousin very seriously.  She is a rather outgoing little girl once she warms up to you. I am leaving most of this up to you- but she does have a bit of a serious side to her.  
    As far as history it needs to include that she was born in England.  Her mother Danielle left her with her father shortly after she was born.  She was turned into a vampire and she ran off with her sire.  Lilah and Lot were okay for a few years and then he was framed for her aunt’s fiancé’s murder.  From there Lot was on and off as her guardian when he could manage to care for her they were together but she spent a lot of time with her aunt Doe.  2 years ago Lot was cleared and able to take on being dad full time, she has since started Bilby.  
    Plot PointsContact
    adjusting to living with dad full time
    I have a request for mom up, so hopefully someone will take that.
    the new baby cousin
    contact me on dicord or via PM

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