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Kalea Taylor

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✩ Moddies ☆ Stay at home Mom✩ Shell
2018 year old Non-Magical Human ☆ She/Her

Open Name

Tally Student
Suggested Play-by: Open Female Face Claim [PoC preferred]


Key Facts
  • Is either in her fifth, or sixth year. Age dependent on what year she's in, and time of year born [hence the range]
  • Excellent camera / computer skills
  • The name in the title is not even a suggestion, I seriously just.... pulled it out of nothing. Feel free to make whatever name you want! Just please avoid a first name starting with A, or a last name starting with W.
No particular requests for appearance. Just that, once more, she is a PoC. Whether full or mixed doesn't matter to me. I'd just love more diversity.
Connections Personality
  • Iris Glauert - Best friend. They started the Rainbow Ice project when Iris was 13 [so second year ish, she started school a year late.]
  • Alexander Winfield - Co-conspirator? Mutual friend in Iris.
I don't have a lot for her, really! She's definitely a bit sneaky, at the very least--she's been uploading the home videos of Iris doing covers under alias Rainbow Ice behind her back. I don't imagine that she's got a shy personality, on the contrary, I think she's very bold and outgoing and upfront. Otherwise she's totally open here.
Outside of what is listed above, I have nothing for history. This is entirely up to the player!
Plot Points Contact
  • Rainbow Ice project.
  • Alex is trying to get Iris out of her shell to perform and do some covers with him. Maybe she helps conspire about all this with him? Maybe she shows him the videos and such that were uploaded to the net?
  • Own personal development -- I don't want her to be JUST someone for Iris. I want this to be a character as much fro the player as it is for me. Feel free to make your own plots and development lines, really breathe in some life.
Shell~ PM or Discord me

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