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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
September, 2019 :: Spring

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Flinders ‚ėÜ Fifth Year ‚ėÜ Photographer's Assistant, Knitter, Paper Cutter ‚ėÜ Kirupachi
15 year old Halfblood Human ‚ėÜ She/Her

The Dueling Club meeting had just ended for the day when Lisa had approached MJ to tell her not to worry about Justice - she and Aspen would take him back home. It had been a hint to keep MJ practicing through the afternoon as Robin didn't request her to come in to work, one she thought she might as well accept before the school break rolled around. She was, however, fairly positive Lisa only decided to do such a thing for the opportunity of taking Steve out for a walk. It had grown into a bit of an inside joke that the Sturt only bothered to visit the Clarkes over the fluffy dog rather than the bonds she'd created, and MJ often found herself struggling not to laugh whenever it came up in conversation.

Not wanting to remain in the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom for much longer, the Flinders picked up her belongings and left. She wanted to go someplace where she wouldn't run into a whole lot of traffic so to be able to focus without judgement. That left her with a few options - the area near the west wall of the school, the abandoned F3 classroom (which made a shiver run down her spine), or the grounds themselves which emptied as students left school or went indoors to eat, study, play games and hang out. She ultimately decided to go to the west wall, as she didn't want to be associated with F3's unfortunate reputation, cold temperatures be damned.

She sat down and retrieved a book from within her bag. It was the fifth year Defense Against the Dark Arts book, but, with a catch - annotated to oblivion. She had caught on to the fact she had been fed a lie regarding its origins. Aspen obtained it from Lisa, whom in turn gave it to MJ. As she went through the various pages full of downright brilliant notes, she noticed yet again that a few denoted potential pranks. For someone with such a mind for mischief, why had the Sturt Captain taken the Spencer jab at the Quidditch team so personally? Why couldn't she just prank them back?

She shook her head with her thoughts. She'd never understand that girl, and should probably bring it up to Aspen to make heads and tails of it. As she reached the fourth term contents of the book, she stopped. Was it a good idea to go that far?

She ultimately decided it was for the best. That's how the top students were ahead to begin with - they knew the current lectures inside and out and were a few steps beyond the rest of the class. Her gaze was trained on a spell, the Reductor Curse. With it, whatever happened to be the target would be destroyed.

'Sounds... straightforward?' MJ furrowed her eyebrows. If she were to hit the wall on accident did that mean she'd tear it down? That didn't sound too pleasant. She deliberately placed herself facing away from the wall before retrieving a small rock from the ground. Tossing it away to a few meters ahead of herself, she proceeded to hit the pebble with an enlargement spell. It promptly grew to the size of a boulder as tall as the young Flinders.

"Deep breaths..." The grip on the wand tightened as she pointed it to the obstacle. "Reducto!" With frightening accuracy, the spell flew out of her wand and hit the boulder dead on. Of course, given MJ's proclivity for pyrotechnics, the boulder exploded outwards instead of crumbling to pieces; soon, the whole area was covered in a fine mist that made the blonde break out into a coughing fit severe enough that she fell to a knee, unaware that she had actually succeeded with the spell for once.

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Sturt ‚ėÜ Sixth Year ‚ėÜ Student, Team Seeker ‚ėÜ haru
16 year old Halfbreed Dhampir ‚ėÜ He/Him

While Colette had been perfectly content to remain in the Sturt Common Area, Suho on the contrary, was not, having fully and easily deciphered the origin of all her newfound (if it were even possible), smugness. He would be lying if he said she was the first person that came to mind on the topic of the rather, he would say, legendary disaster that had recently befallen the Spencers. Who knew she possessed sufficient far-sightedness beyond her nose to cease ranting constantly about those 'damned troublemakers' and take matters into her own hands? All satisfaction aside, it made for a good laugh for a change. Suho had grown tired of doing so little.

The Sturt boy stepped out of the school in nothing but his basic uniform. While most of his peers would have hastily thrown on a sweater or jacket, the year-end chill did, put plainly, nothing to his Dhampir blood. In fact, this would be his favourite time of the year when there would hardly be any sun to scorch and sear his skin to scratchy, hopelessly uncomfortable cinders. A ghost of a breeze curled past, sifting through his fair hair and causing the fine hairs on his arms and the back of his neck to stand on end. For a moment, Suho wondered if he should have brought out a jacket after all to blend in with the crowd, but on an afterthought decided against it. He wouldn't take long to explore the school grounds for a bit.

It would have been maddeningly easy for Colette to hex the Spencer showers, catching them entirely off-guard. A risky move on his end, but a completely different story on hers. She had freshly transferred from Durmstrang and was still, you would say, given the benefit of the doubt. Moreover, Suho himself could testify that with all her prima-donna attitude, Colette wouldn't be the first person pegged for being a prankster at all. Almost a perfectly orchestrated ploy.

Before he could stop himself, Suho found a slight smile wandering its way onto his lips. Well-played. But maybe next time, you could think of the future consequences first. He was definitely going to have to watch his own showerhead from now onwards. As well as a dozen other things that hadn't seemed so important to him a week before.

He hooked his fingers to his hips, feeling somewhat much more calm than he had been in what felt like an eternity. Call it an exaggeration, but school life was anything but relaxing, even for a magical one like Tallygarunga, and particularly if you tossed six other siblings into the mix. Suho gathered a puff of air and slowly exhaled, eyes tracing the ground ahead of him in irregular shapes, unsure of what he was looking for, yet at the same time feeling as though he didn't need to seek anything. Except maybe peace.

Scratch that.

The very second he rounded the corner that would bring him to the West Wall- "Reducto!"- and it was as if the world had been torn up from below his feet.

This was followed by a thick, billowing cloud of dust and what felt suspiciously like rock chips that practically swallowed him whole, rendering Suho momentarily blind. He froze, the shock of the thunderous roar numbing him to the bone. Put sensitive Dhampir skin together with an ominous explosion of who knew what, and you would get a recipe for impending doom.

He blinked the dust from his eyes, then in an oddly composed voice, "I'm going to kill this person," he said aloud. A fact. He had no use for sugercoating it - whoever who had nearly blown him up had better run. And run fast.

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Flinders ‚ėÜ Fifth Year ‚ėÜ Photographer's Assistant, Knitter, Paper Cutter ‚ėÜ Kirupachi
15 year old Halfblood Human ‚ėÜ She/Her

Amid the coughing fit that had brought MJ to a knee, she managed to make out the words 'I'm going to kill this person', something that exacerbated her feeling of urgency in clearing the area. Her eyes burned with the dust and she could hardly stand, lungs aching with the sudden impediment to breathing. The blonde struggled to push the collar of her shirt over her nose to minimally shield her airways, and covered her line of vision with a hand, pointing her wand at the air with another.

She struggled to get an incantation out, let alone to make the accurate movements with her hand; however, after a few attempts, the vast majority of the dust had dispersed or sunk to the ground. Her rally had lasted just enough to get most of the job done, but eventually she collapsed, wand clattering on the ground as she took support on the cement with both hands, coughing up a storm.

"S-Sor--" She couldn't even finish the apology to the person she had bothered, given that she had been right next to the blast - by consequence, she had been the most affected by it, and was momentarily out of commission. While she had indeed succeeded with the Reducto (questionably so), it was quite unfortunate that she would be entirely unable to put the boulder back up together afterwards.

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