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Welcome to Tallygarunga, an original roleplay set in the Harry Potter universe. Set in present-day Australia, tensions are high between the Ministry of Magic and the only Ministry-run wizarding school in the country. Become like the other snooty private schools? Not a chance.

Originally established in August 2006, Tallygarunga prides itself on an inclusive and active community. Once part of the Tally family, always part of the Tally family. Whether you're here for the first time, the thousandth time, or returning after a long time---welcome home.
a non-canon au potterverse roleplay
November, 2019 :: Spring
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Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti

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Tally Staff ☆ Tallygarunga Librarian★ Sadrienne
41 year old Halfbreed Sorceraic ☆ She/Her

The arctic breeze was doing little to dim the spirits around the Blair house. Multiple piles of discarded furniture, tree limbs and other waste had been combined to make one enormous heap--and the weather had been kind enough to not rain it all into a soaking wet mess. Perfect for a bonfire. DJ was crawling now, which necessitated a Baby Cage. Thankfully, Caleb was quite happy to be in charge of the youngest ones, making sure that his younger brother never quite managed to climb over or pick through the lock to escape.

A radio carried pregame entertainment from the night's football match, the sky was beginning to darken, it was all very... peaceful. Like they were a Real Proper Family that hung out on Saturday nights and didn't have problems like sadistic criminal stalkers, children coming back from the seeming dead, or any such nonsense. Adele was even making a few sandwiches, arranging a platter to pick from while they watched the flames. Terribly domestic.

"Lauren, could you please---" Adele started, but the girl had already whisked herself out of the room. That hadn't changed. But did she expect it to? It was on par for a teenager. If Lorelei hadn't been invited, Adele was certain that Lauren would have refused to attend. All the girl had done thus far was talk about everything Alan was doing, and the horse that she was apparently in line for. Adele didn't quite have the heart to suggest that Alan would never give in on that, she didn't think it would help her relationship with Lauren at all.

"You are wanting something, Mother?" Améa surfaced from another door, inexplicably happy herself. Adele knew, and fought down the urge to make a witty remark about Vladimir. Better not. Take advantage of her being so agreeable while she could. Adele nodded.

"Can you take these out to Stuart, please? I've got to make a few more up, and I'll come out there myself."

Améa paused, looked at the tray of sandwiches, and shook her head.

"I can do finish this, you take," she said, pushing her way to the bench and moving Adele out of the way almost by force. Adele wasn't going to argue, if Améa wanted to make sandwiches that was fine. She didn't see Améa's half smirk as she walked out the door, stopping to pick up a fresh couple of beers on the way. One did not simply walk past the beer fridge without grabbing a new one.

The pile was.. huge. Beyond huge. It was going to be a spectacular fire. 

"Oi," she called out to Stuart as she approached, sandwiches in one hand and beers raised high in the other. "Need a refill?" 

Didn't matter if he didn't, he was getting one. She put the sandwiches on the table, covering them with a cloth, and cracked both beers open. Not her usual, but it was bonfire night. What was bonfire night without beer? Others would arrive before the lighting of the fire, but for now it was... 

Adele looked around.

Well. Just her and Stuart here. The kids were all inside. Adele felt her throat tighten just a little, a small shiver running down her arms. Lately there had been dreams. Borne of too many months without David, she was certain, but dreams all the same. A few faces had featured but one kept coming up. One face with a stupid annoying smirk and a knowing look in his eye. 

"Drink up. You don't want to be double-parked when Alan gets here," she warned, handing the beer over, and trying to shake away any clue she might be wearing as to how scenarios like this had played out in her lively imagination.

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Melbourne ☆ Master Cellist/Conductor of the MSOSanctusX
29 year old Halfbreed Dhampir ☆ He/Him

"Young ones need plenty of supervision," Vladimir remarked softly to his brother, red eyes coasting along the various young ones, from Caleb and baby DJ to the triplets, to thinking of Lorelei and Lauren - Vladimir had to keep reminding himself not to call her Flora. "Yeah I get that, but honestly I've got this," Viktor replied, even as Valerian and Violetta were currently attempting to scale him like a statue. His eyes then turned to the passing figure of Améa, lingering for a few moments before he focused below eye level, having felt the tug of his hand. Veronika, yes. Best he focus on the young one and not Améa.

After all, he was not to make undue attention to her and their current state of affairs. But he was happy all the same.

"If you say as such, Viktor," Vladimir replied before he wordlessly gave in to Nika's request, placing the girl upon his shoulders. His brother knew what he was doing, at least in Vladimir's estimation, though it was debatable as to whether or not he truly had this, as he put it. Viktor, meanwhile, happily entertained the kids, all the while keeping his eye on Vlad and his emotional state. The man didn't even announce where he was going, but Viktor would bet a few galleons that he was going to see where Améa had gone.

All Viktor could do was send the thought to Jez, Isn't it cute how they think we haven't noticed? He may have also snickered at that, but it died away when the kids distracted him again, causing him to fall back on his rear end. 

That was probably karma in action right there.

Meanwhile Vladimir had meandered his way to the kitchens with Veronika still upon his shoulders, the ghost of happiness quickly crossing his face when he saw Améa there. He made sure it dissipated quickly in case any of their family came through the doors - again, undue attention would simply not do. "Do you require any help, Améa?" Vladimir asked of her as he helped Nika get down from his shoulders. The little one grabbed onto his hand and said, "We should still help. Help is always welcome." At that, Vladimir smiled a little and nodded. "That is quite true. Help we shall, Veronika."

Vladimir turned to the sink to wash his hands, missing it as the little triplet turned to look at Améa and say to her, "Uncle Vladimir makes you happy! That's a good thing."

Perhaps for the best that Vladimir didn't hear it lest his expression break and it become very obvious to everyone else what was going on. He turned back to help Améa, meanwhile looking around and asking her, "Where is Adele? With Stuart?"

Because even Vladimir - spent most of his time either with his music or with Améa - had noticed what was going on there. He had always been observant, and this was no exception.

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Ministry Head ☆ Australian Minister of Magic, Co-Owner: The Drunken Roo, Owner: Victoria Magical & Native Wildlife Park★ LilyCat
52 year old Halfblood Human ☆ He/Him

This was a going to be a great fire, even if it was getting late in the cold months. It was definitely long needed and it seemed like a bunch of the kids were happy to show up. Stuart had finished stacking the last of the burnables - for now - onto the pile and wiped his brow with his sleeve. There were wood chips stuck to the sleeves of his wool jacket, but he couldn't have cared less. He was looking forward to this burn-off as much as everyone else who also had donated things that still weighed them down. It was almost like a ritual cleansing, weirdly enough.

The man glanced over toward the approaching woman with a light grin, hand reaching out to accept the offered beer before taking a few easy swigs. He already knew that Audrey was probably in charge of getting the Burdetts here and home tonight. Though, he supposed even she might give in and decide to enjoy herself a little. It depended on whether Merrilea was on bottle now or not, he supposed. That was still a trip, the fact that Audrey and Alan had a nine month old.

What a world. But they were happy, and that was great for both of them.

"Thanks, love. I'd be surprised if Alan's not down a few already before they get here. Pretty sure Auds is looking forward to the chance to relax a little too... then again, she seems to love the hectic life," The man snorted quietly with a small shake of his head. Not that he could talk, he had been very much the same for most of his life. Even now, he hadn't really slowed down, and thrived off having more thrown in front of him, in a way. Perhaps that was why he had barely blinked when he'd learned about Adele and her family, why he had done his best to keep up with them. That and the fact that he did care, a great deal, about what happened with them.

"You alright, Delbells?" Stu raised a brow as he gave her a side-glance, she seemed almost restless, but then perhaps she was just anxious about the fire. Or looking forward to it as well. Either way, he reached over to wrap an arm around her shoulders and tug her in against his side in a light squeeze, figuring comfort was always a good solution for whichever was the case.

Inside, Jezebel snickered as two of the triplets tried to climb Viktor, while Nika stuck around with Vladimir. She felt a pang in her chest for a brief moment, but it passed quickly and she only smirked as Viktor spoke telepathically to her. If there was anyone in the family who hadn't noticed, then they would have to be blind, but she nor anyone else had so far wanted to point out to Améa and Vlad, that their 'secret' wasn't exactly so secretive.

"I'm sure they'll come out to everyone when the time is right. Probably once... a certain someone else is out of the picture for good," Jezebel mused as she leaned over to offer a hand and help Viktor to his feet, gently scolding the children for knocking him over. She and Mea had already spoken about all this before, after all. It was great to see that the feelings were reciprocated, but she knew that Améa would not do anything that compromised her principles, and so long as she was married, then she would hold herself back and not want anyone to know.

Lorelei had already made her way to the living room, where she was playing with her new toy: a rather expensive professional camera that her parents had bought for her, upon having discovered that she'd found a genuine interest in learning how to capture moments in images. She looked up upon sensing Lauren's approach, and smiled brightly to her.

"It is bonfire night, are you not excited for such?" Lei queried of the other girl, having grown up with many a bonfire night, and fond memories from them. She was looking forward to capturing many photographs and maybe even filming small moments here and there. A large part of her had wanted to invite Travis to attend, but a wiser part also knew that it would probably not have been a fun time for him, especially with Adele no doubt quickly working out what he was to Lorelei. Likely others quickly realising as well.

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Narragyambie ☆ Animal Carer★ Sadrienne
26 year old Halfbreed Sorceraic ☆ She/Her

Améa didn't need help, but it was hard to refuse Veronika. She passed the loaf of bread across to the little one, gesturing for her to start laying out pieces ready to be spread. To Vladimir she offered the butter and a knife. They could make a nice little production line here, and things would get done swiftly. Being near Vladimir made the hairs on the back of her neck shiver with excitement and happiness, as it always did. 

This was not enough for the long term, but it was enough for now. Would it be ruined when they could finally be free and be together properly? Améa didn't think so, but the thrill of it for now was perfect. Looking to the side, she gave him a smile that she thought was incredibly subtle and secretive but truly just gave away her infatuation. 

"Of course he is make happy," Améa said to Nika. "Good person is gift, for all who know." Because it was obviously as simple as that, why would everyone be so happy in Vladimir's company as she was? At Vladimir's question her smirk became more pronounced, and she nodded with a mischevious glint in her eye.

"I did make this happen, yes," she said. She threw that same, very pleased with herself grin toward Jezebel. "Mamiere is having dream," Améa smirked, folding sandwiches over and cutting them into neat triangles. "She is not say, but I is know. Must be giving time for Mamiere and Mr Stuart to know what all is see."

Because if anyone thought for half a second that she wasn't going to rope Jezebel into Parent Trapping this whole thing, they were absolutely wrong. The worst part about David's death (in Améa's mind) was how it threw Adele back into the awful uncertainty of bad decisions. Someone stable and kind, like Stuart, had the power to stop that. Bring her mother back to a place where she was happy again. While Améa knew she would never have the relationship with Adele that she had wanted, a happy Adele at least meant there was a chance of things getting better.

And a chance that Lauren, Caleb and DJ would have the mother they deserved.

Lauren blinked at Lorelei, but seemed significantly brighter now that the other girl was here. Her hair seemed that much glossier, her eyes that much deeper. Like Lauren was more herself when Lorelei was around, and the same could be said of Lei too.

"I am excited for Daddy to be here, and you," she said, shrugging one shoulder. "I don't know about anything else. Daddy said I have to spend time with the Librarian, and that is why he is not coming until later."

Which was a sore point, Alan's insistence that Lauren get to know her mother. Nevertheless, Lorelei was here and that was more than enough for now. Lauren stood close, eyes wide and peeled for anyone who might separate them.

Outside and oblivious to the scheming happening around her, Adele tried to mask the way her guts twisted and turned when he so casually called her love. That wasn't fair. Had he been stalking her dreams? Was he making fun of her now? Or just being stupid nice? It was hard to tell. Adele had never really been independent, and the idea of feeling safe and secure with Stuart had more appeal than she liked to admit. 

It wasn't right, though, was it? She was just lonely, thinking crazy thoughts. Adele knew herself well enough to know that there was a limit to how long she could be on her own, before she started jumping at any chance she got. That's all this was. This stupid... crush? Gods, was that it? A schoolgirl crush on the bloody Minister of Magic. At least it wasn't Alan, but... there had never been any of this garbage jittery feeling with it. That had just been... well. Wrong on almost every level. Desperate was the only word she could think of.

"Yeah, I'm fine," and she was. The fire would be good. Having the family around was good. Far more normal than she was known for. But it was all so... good. Stuart's arm around her was warm, solid, she leaned in to it without even thinking. This wasn't a big deal. They were friends. Had daughters together. Daughters who hadn't come outside yet... Adele knew that Jezebel and family had arrived, where were they? 

"So much can change in a year," Adele mused softly. DJ would be one soon, before long it would be a year since David passed. If she could go back twelve months, speak to her younger self... what would she say? How could you prepare someone for that heartache? Would you? And what would that younger self say, hearing that a year on, here she would stand under the protective arm of Stuart Blair. Each day notching up a longer personal best on her path to becoming a Nun.

"Here's to moving on," Adele murmured, taking a slip of paper from her pocket. The original police report, cold black and white text outlining the brutal manner of David's death. She threw it into the building fire. To moving on, indeed.

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Professor Teaching Staff ☆ Transfiguration Professor/HealerSanctusX
29 year old Halfbreed Dhampir ☆ He/Him

Viktor caught Jez's snicker and a fanged grin appeared on his face. Taking her offer of help in getting up, once the man was back up and standing he ruffled Erian's and Etta's hair because there wasn't any way on earth that he could possibly be mad at the kids. As for that certain someone... "Aye, that's the rub isn't it? One buddy is done and gone, I think they'll be ready to make it obvious." Er... "Well, more obvious and open than it already is." His brother might have a legendary poker face, but not even Vlad could hide the affection that came to his eyes.

Plus, there was the matter of his heart beating faster, and Viktor could hear it as clearly as he could hear the fire roaring outside, or the heartbeats of everyone in the room right that moment.

Viktor's eyes drifted over to Lei when she came into the living room, a proud little smile coming to his face as she played with her camera. "She's taken to that camera like a duck to water. It's great to see her so motivated about photography," Viktor mused to Jez. "I guess she can be the official photographer for any of our family things. Merlin knows I suck at taking pictures." What with his ability to not angle things right and have heads missing from the images... It was horrible. "You think we ought to head outside now?"

In the kitchen, Vladimir nodded softly as he took the butter and the knife from Améa, silently working on the production line that the three of them with Veronika had made. It reminded him of childhood, simpler times... happy times. It almost put a small smile to his face, and considering the urge was already there, seeing Améa smile at him simply made the smile become a reality. The man remained silent as Améa spoke to the little one - it was nice to hear a verbal confirmation that he was indeed a good person, he would have never considered himself a gift - though when he looked at Améa next and saw the glint in her eye, Vladimir gave pause to his work.

It was a look that starkly reminded him of when the twins got into trouble.

"I see," Vladimir remarked softly, not needing Améa to elaborate as to what dream meant. The man was more than capable of taking that hint, and did not feel the need to go further into it, especially with Veronika right there. "I am certain that they will see what we see as well..." Much as he figured so too would others see what was held between himself and Améa. "Should we perhaps stall here in the kitchen before going outside to join Adele and Stuart? It would certainly give them more time to themselves..."

And, selfishly, it would give Vladimir a little more time with Améa before he would need to school his expression to the masses. It would not change how he felt within, but they had appearances to keep until things could be settled once and for- 

"Hello assholes, what have I missed?"

Ah. Vladimir recognized that voice.

"Crap. Sorry, kids afoot," Igor lamented briefly before he went down on one knee to greet his grand niece and nephew. "Now remember kids, never repeat what I say, at least until you're older." Igor would ignore the chastising look Viktor was giving him, because what did Igor care? Back up on his feet once again, Igor asked, "You guys have vodka tonight, right?"

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