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Drunk Monk Brewing

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Drunk Monk Brewing

est 2011

Drunk Monk Brewing was established in 2011 when Gideon and Hanna Monk opened the business. It’s located in Melbourne but they do ship their brew to other parts of Australia. The brewery was established and the popularity grew. The Brewery underwent a management change in 2014 when Hanna and Gideon divorced and she sold her share to him. With that he decided to restructure the brewery and opened a tap room in Oliphant where anyone could stop in and try the newest brews and enjoy games and various daily deals. Gideon is a very hands on owner and takes great pride in his taproom and his brewery.

Gideon could people in the following areas:
Business assoicates- those who buy his beer to supply it, this could be other bars, cafés and so on..
Partner- this would be who he brought in after his ex wife…
Employees- bouncers for the taproom, bartenders, brew house staff,
Customers of course! Loyal and the new Gideon tries to talk to who he can when he is on the tap room floor.

Current Employees:
Gideon Monk- Owner
Tane Groknok- part time bouncer

If you are interest please feel free to send me a PM or poke me on Discord!



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