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The Great Party Hall

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There are a bit of changes towards the great party that had been in the planning. Few things such as location, date/day, and hosts. The following list is indicates the changes that are taking place. 
Hosts: Alexander Winfield and Cassandra Sullivan

Location: Great Hall (Sanctioned, Meaning there is permission.)

Date of Fun: February 23rd, 2018 (A Friday, usually a party day for people anyways.)

Time: 5:30PMish, This is a good point in the day because it leaves most of the morning to setup but also allows for classes to continue for the most part.

Refreshments/Food: Finger foods, punch, little snacks - nothing too heavy.

Music: Live( A mix of various covers), Open Karaoke (Maybe you have a very brave or silly character who wants In on some songs?)

This is a party to set off the year in a big bang, something to get people involved and aware of one another not only as characters but also stir up the pot to getting others threading with one another. Also, it extends towards Tallygarunga staff, we can't just leave the old-fogies out a few of them would like to party as much as the students, maybe even more dealing with some of the more fluent troublemakers. (Adele's gonna need to supply her own Booze!).  This is to make things a bit more fun too for those adult characters that have connections into the school such as parents and the like that would sufficiently be able to hear about this kind of party happening. Come, embarrass your kiddo, add a bit of a hilarious moment!

Your characters won't need to stay there the entire time, it's very much an optional attendance and if you feel your character maybe out of place or would only stay for a few minutes that's fine! On the day in question I'll make an opening thread post giving the details of how the Great Hall is setup for that moment in time. Hope to see a few folks there and seeing a bit of mingling! 

For those intending to 'sneak contraband in' that isn't my call! If it's something your character would do, do so! We're here to have a good time with all of the characters glory in their attitude, projection of who they are, and how they feel in a very high end-social situation. (Should be pretty interesting, right?) 



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Posting this for reference because my memory is terrible.

Geraldine -- attending , assisting with setup [however awkward that might get]
Iris -- attending, bringing her violin as per alex's request
Josie -- attending [at least for a time].  might embarrass students or hang out with whatever adults show up

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  • Cass will, of course, be there from the beginning, setting up her amazing decos and trying to catch McBobbin
  • Audrey might pop in for a dance
  • Cate may or may not poke her head in just to check on things
  • Jezebel may decide to make a celebrity appearance if she catches wind of a party hosted by Spencers

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