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Final Chance Weyr

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[center]Final Chance Weyr




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At the start of a long Interval, a virulent disease breaks out among dragonkin. While three of every four infected whers eventually recover, the disease is fatal for dragons and flits without exception. Highly contagious through breath, and able to be transferred among dragonkin by humans too, quarantine is entirely ineffective. It soon becomes clear that dragons will imminently go extinct, and a radical plan is devised to avert this. Three gravid queens will go forward in time, laying there eggs in a time when, it is assumed, the disease will have died out.


As the long Interval draws to a close, a patrol of whers hears a desperate cry for help from three queen dragons - but dragons have been believed extinct for almost 400 Turns. The whers and their handlers arrive to three clutches worth of dragon eggs, but the mother golds are gone, for if they stayed they would surely infect their offspring with the fatal disease. The handlers quickly erect a Weyr around the eggs, scrambling to assemble substantial candidates, and remain to usher in and guide the new generation of dragons.


Now the dragons have hatched, but while some are healthy, there are many abnormalities among them - strange colours, deformities, peculiar congenital illnesses - will these dragons be able to fight Thread, expected in just six Turns’ time? And will Pern accept them?? Across the continent, at Fort Hold, purists smart at the thought of dragons under wher control; what will this discord mean for Pern?



* Follow the revival of the dragon population from scratch

* Five non-canon dragon ranks with more potentially to come

* All female dragonkin able to clutch

* A strong emphasis on wher handlers

* Several high-rankers available

* Wher hatching currently underway 

* New and player-involved plots are on the horizon

[*] Brand new points store, with exciting new things to purchase

[*] Character creation bonus in effect[/center]

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