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MJ Clarke

Open My Kingdom For An Umbrella

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At last, there had been a break in the weather that afternoon. It was the opening MJ had been looking for - she had gotten home after school and grocery shopping, having brought Justice along, and she had been waiting for less rain to cover the little town ever since as she needed to walk their dear Samoyed before the sun set. As soon as the final droplets hit the ground, the blonde was already out the door for that particular endeavor, Steve in tow held safely by its collar.

She did the normal trek that they used to do - go to Footy Park a few neighborhoods over, let the dog run around a bit and do what it had to do, then come home. As she crossed Koonyah again, however, she walked by her father's workplace: the cemetery. Feeling an all too common calling for it, she decided to go in against her better judgement to visit her mother.

This detour proved fatal to her intentions of a water-free walk. As she was finally coming back home, it started pouring again; not having brought an umbrella along since she never intended to stay out for so long in the first place, MJ quickly shuffled over to the first location she could see that would provide some cover, which happened to be a nearby bus stop. She was still a few blocks away from home, and at that point, stranded.

She couldn't call for her father, as he was asleep; and as far as she knew, Aspen was training. All she could do was sit on the surprisingly dry bench of the stop and try to distract Steve with petting and scratching at his fur, as he seemed all too eager to race back onto the street, not being half as concerned over the rain as she was. If only she had brought along that umbrella...

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