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Sturt ☆ Sixth Year ☆ Nature Reserve HelperKirupachi
16 year old Muggleborn Human ☆ She/Her

There had finally been a break in the pouring rain and hail that pelted Narragyambie and its outskirts in that lazy Sunday afternoon - it meant Chloe finally had an opportunity to leave her home, and have a second much needed break from her grandparents' incessant admonishing chatter. She would have felt bad for leaving her sister behind, but the girl was social, unlike herself. The Sturt decided to grab Frost, as well as her backpack, and left the house under the pretense that she was headed back to the dorm early for studying. It was hardly something that her family could argue, so they let her go. It wasn't entirely a lie, but the girl couldn't help breathing out a sigh of relief the moment her feet stepped out of the house.

Unsure as to if the weather would hold for long, she opted to take the short route, moving straight towards Tallygarunga Road - lest herself, as well as her pet, get soaked in the intermittent showers. The cat peeked its head from under her hoodie, as she had kept the feline there for the sake of warmth rather than carrying him on a container. Unfortunately, because of this fact, her journey wouldn't prove easy

The cat spotted a small bird on the ground quickly hopping in the distance. He them promptly wiggled his way upwards in the shirt. "Frost...?" The Sturt muttered moments before the aforementioned cat jumped out of its resting place and sprinted after the fowl with a speed Chloe could never hope to match, despite being as fit as she was. Nevertheless she took off after the white animal in a vain attempt at catching it.

Eventually, she was too exhausted to continue. Breathing heavily, not having expected such exertion under the Winter-like conditions to that extent, the girl ended up taking support with a hand on the side of a building, hunching over to catch her breath. The cat she had cared for was out of sight and gone. What could she do...?

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Narragyambie ☆ The Drunken Roo - BartenderAudrey
23 year old Halfblood Human ☆ She/her

The weather outside was horrible, and Tayla was begrudgingly ready for her shift at work. Though she considered taking a sick day to avoid having to go out anywhere, at least the hail storm that had just let up would be a deterrent for a lot of people. Nobody wanted to get caught in that if they could help it.

Tayla passed by a few others on her route to work, glad not to get caught in another downpour as she walked in the direction of Tallygarunga Road and The Drunken Roo. She kept walking along, though she stopped when she saw a figure bracing itself against a building just ahead of her. Although able to tell from a glance that it was a person, it took Tayla a moment more to realize that it was a younger girl, bent over in an attempt to catch her breath.

She quickened her own pace to reach where the girl stood. While she didn't think that she would be extraordinarily helpful in a medical emergency, she couldn't just walk on by as though she hadn't seen her. If anything, Tayla thought, she could at least alert somebody who knew what they were doing.

"You alright?" she called, stopping just short of the girl—old enough that their years in school might have overlapped but young enough that Tayla didn't think she knew her.

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