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Melbourne ☆ Cartoonist, Session DrummerKirupachi
22 year old Squib Human ☆ She/Her

Alex figured Jamie's order of staying outside for the day had expired as the sun set in the horizon. It was quite a rude thing for him to do, in her opinion - it was really cold, it occasionally rained, and after so many hours outside she felt nothing short of uncomfortable. Her drawing adventures hadn't lasted for too long as her hands were freezing with the temperatures. She eventually left the park and shoved her hands into her coat's pockets as she walked, starting to make her way home.

As she did, she walked past Oliphant Lane. It was a place Muggles were oblivious of; Alex, however, was a squib. Even though she didn't have a shred of magic ability in her body, she had the ability to peek into the magical world the rest of her family belonged to. Fleeting curiosity struck her and she veered off course into this unknown realm. As she strolled through the alley, the place looked quite normal, if it weren't for the matters each and every shop seemed to cover - magical robes, wands, prank items, and any and all magical device one could ever even imagine.

It didn't take her too long to come across a store that apparently sold sports good. She stood outside, looking over at the building's window, perusing the various items on display. It gave her an idea - she had just gotten her paycheck, so perhaps she should purchase something for Jamie. If anything, just to make it up for him putting up with her for so long.

"...The hell did he play again...?" She muttered under her breath. It was something starting with a Q, but she always forgot the alien-sounding name. Her gaze eventually landed on a poster with some sort of team on it, which read 'Australian National Team', although it didn't indicate the sport; she did, however, notice that one of the people in the moving picture was Jamie himself, looking very uncharacteristic of the man she knew personally. "Is this what they meant by PR...?" She questioned herself out loud, forgetting about the fact she didn't even look like she belonged in the area.

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