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Using Tally Gossip

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Posting Gossip
Small towns are notorious for gossip. The wizarding community that inhabits Narragyambie and Tallygarunga is no exception. Be careful what you do in public---it will be across town before you know it!

Most gossip is passed through Narrie's retired postal worker Madge Kennerley. She's an old woman, but her sharp mind knows the names and faces of everyone... and their business. There's nothing she loves more than sharing the stories of those around her to... basically anyone who will listen.
How gossip works
Information here is free to be known by any character that would reasonably have heard this along the grapevine, or who would be likely to seek out information. Tags are used to help identify the scope of the gossip.
  • Narrie Gossip - likely to reach Narrie residents
  • Tally Gossip - likely to reach Tally staff and students
  • Tally Student Gossip - likely to reach Tally students, but not necessarily staff
  • And so on...
Writing gossip
When writing gossip posts, you can word them how you like. It doesn't have to be how your character would represent the event. Think about how the information might be received and/or twisted by others and play on that.

And if you want to put yourself in the mindset of a 103-year-old former postal worker (our dear Madge), you're more than willing to write from her point of view too. Just don't forget to add in juicy details---Madge loves juicy details.
How to post gossip
Simply start a new topic in this forum! Use the title to give your gossip a catchy headline, add tags that define the scope of the gossip (see above) and then put your details in the body of the post. Hit submit, and you're done! Congrats, Narrie knows your character's sordid secrets now!

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