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Linked Accounts, Reputation, Leaderboard, House Points, Avatars & Who Posted

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★ Admin ☆ Tinkerer of Things That Shouldn't Be Tinkered★ Sadrienne
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I have had such a big day today coding, my brain feels like it's slowly melting out of my ears!

Following up today with a few feature announcements... aka: cool stuff on the new software.

Linked Accounts

These work now! 

If you've not yet linked your accounts, click the "chain link" icon that appears on the top bar. If you're on mobile, this can be accessed by opening the side menu, and going to Account --> Account Settings --> Linked Accounts.

Enter in the names and passwords of any accounts you want to link. Best practice is work from your player account, and link all of your IC accounts. That way, you can switch easily while remaining under your one player account.

Once your accounts are linked, just click the chain link icon again to select the user you want to sign in as. The username in the top left should change from "Your Name" to "Your name as Your Character". This means it's working!

Now you can update statuses, reply to status updates, post, post blogs, and everything using your character account.

Post As

If you just want to make forum posts, you can use the "Post As" feature instead of doing a switch. The "post as" option appears when making a post, and allows you to choose the name of any account you have linked to the account you're currently logged in as. 

If you choose the wrong one, don't stress! Just re-post with the right one, and tag a staff member to delete the whoopsie.


I've had a few people ask what "reputation" means. Basically it's single value that shows how many times your posts have been reacted to (see the previous post about the reactions system). Currently, for every reaction you get +1 points to your reputation.

Why does anyone care about this number? Well. There's also this.

The Leaderboard

Because you want things to brag about, right? The Leaderboard will give you just that. This application keeps a nice little track of who is scoring reputation points across the board. If you look at "past leaders", you'll see the winners of each day. You can also see when your account last "won" the day displayed on your account profile.

It's a silly bit of competition, but of course, also "supr srs". I'm coming for you @Kaitore!

House Points

Professors, rejoice! No more manually adding up house points at the end of term. The new House Point Adjustment system (found under "Character Resource" in the header menu) now does all that horrible math for us.

Simply add a new record in the corresponding house category when you want to award/remove points. The fields are fairly straight forward, let me know if you have any issues!

Once the record is submitted, the house points displays on the adjustment page and in the board header will update. Magic!

Avatars & Profile Images

You may have noticed that there are a few different profile images available to use. They are:

  • Profile Avatar: This is a field we added, and is your forum avatar displayed next to your posts. We've set this at 250px x 400px.
  • User Photo: This is that circle picture that seems to follow you everywhere! You can change it by visiting your profile page, clicking the circular picture, and uploading a new one. The system will give you options to crop it, much like a Facebook photo. We recommend square-ish images above 300px x 300px.
  • Cover Photo: Also similar to Facebook is the ability to add a cover photo. That's the big banner-style one that tops your user profile. You edit it in much the same way as the User Photo, just click the edit box and upload a new one. The size appears to be roughly 1080px x 500px.

Who Posted Today

Due to the way the Linked Accounts mod works, it doesn't record who was online as accurately as we would like. Instead, I've switched this out for Who Posted Today, which displays a list of every account that has posted something in the last 24 hours. This includes: forum posts, status updates and replies, blogs and database records. 

Our challenge to you is to try and post a piece of content, however small, with each of your characters as often as you can. Let's keep that Who Posted list bright and beautiful!


And that's all I've got time for today my awesome nerds, even though there's still SO MUCH MORE to show you. Keep exploring, keep trying to break things, and if you've got a little time --- go back and react to your favourite posts! 


Love always,

Your Mousie.

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