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May, 2019
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An AU non-canon Harry Potter-inspired forum roleplay set in Australia.

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17 year old Halfblood Werewolf ☆ HE/HIM

"More options. . .?" Did having those options truly matter? It wasn't something that he could see if it actually did. There had been the benefit that it would be far more easily accessible but did it still hold the same security that had been necessary? Certain things could recover from a slip up but that particular thing about himself he wasn't too sure about. It was an utter lack of faith in common decency as a whole. "If you wanted to see me more, you just had to say so, Liv." He offered a gentle tease towards the offer. He knew it didn't have any ulterior meaning beyond genuinely trying to offer some helpful place for him. "Really, if you start making those kind of accomodations for me you'll end up having people looking at both of us a bit weird." He offered her a rougish wink. 

A grin formed on his face with a clear chuckle that rumbled out as well. "Okay, maybe barnacle isn't as flattering as a song." Then slowly his face shifted to a softened expression, a look of fond danced over the woman's face and towards her eyes. "After all, a song can sound pretty sweet to the ears and can always find their way to the lips." That sounded far more flirtatious than he had intended for it to seem, yet he didn't show any signs of taking it back or back-peddling on the thought. 

"Like a friendship, huh? Sounds like it could get a bit complicated there. But emotions were designed to be an 'easy-to-use' kind of thing in people." He sighed casually, it was something he didn't think would really pertain to him in anyway. What had been the chances he'd feel the way or find someone that felt mutual in that way? It'd been laughable. At least through Liv he'd been able to get an idea of what it'd seem like, from her perspective anyways. Gaining that sort of insight would still be beneficial in knowing what the expectancy of how the emotion could evolve in terms of time. "Scared? I feel that all the time but that's mostly something else entirely different." Travis tried to offer a playful and friendly smile after the jest had been made. "Kind of the same thing with exciting too." Now his brow started to furrow, it made him far more aware of the sheer difference and conflictions with emotions and interpretations in himslef. Compared to how he most likely should've been feeling in those moments as opposed to the jumbled wire mess in his mind. The tip of his finger rubbed against his recently scarred palms. 

"I'll hold you to that. Or else I'd have to find you, pick you up, and take you away for a few days." Travis started to laugh lightly, more so at the thought of showing up some place the woman wouldn't have expected him to. Picking her up and walking out, just for the simple situation of having time to spend with her. As the thought continued to play withhin his head, his eyes lowered towards the table. That wasn't something he should really be doing, was it? His head shook lightly, attributing it to the close proximity of the Full Moon. 

'May', He supposed that was a pretty Dhampiric kind of a name. He listened, not interrupting her even with the little details shared. Understanding there had been an important connection and weight on the woman's heart and mind when it came to the individual in question. "That must've gotten draining." His eyes narrowed for a moment and his head wobbled lightly to the sides. "Er, no pun intended." A small smile touched his lips. "Don't worry about that. I won't really be sleeping, I'll have more than enough time to clean everything up." Raising a hand up and waving it casually to show it had been much of an issue for him somatically. Restless, irritations, these were just one of many issues on the second day, when the day continued to move on towards the night, the restlness tended to get far more worse than he wanted to admit. Keeping focused, his mind layered towards the importance of his 'Human understanding' in this manner had been keeping him far more grounded than he thought it would. 

Travis started to stand up and pushed his chair in before walking over towards Liv's side of the table and gently gripped both sides of the chair and pulled it out in gentlemanly fashion. "Come on." Then he reached his hand out towards hers to try and assist her to standing, then would attempt to lead her to an eased walk towards the living room. 

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Tally Staff ☆ School NurseTecri
25 year old Halfbreed Veela ☆ She/Her/Hers

Liv smiled at Travis, she knew he understood what she meant and yet it seemed that he decided to react as he always did, which by now she should be used to. There was a chance that some students could see it has her having a favorite, but in school, she would have to divide her attention towards every student that needed her help, outside it was another matter completely different. “You’re afraid they think I have a favorite?” she said jokingly, but she understood it could be seen differently than having a favorite, or simply trying to help, considering they were growing closer.

She continued to smile at Travis as he spoke, a barnacle might not be a very flattering comparison, unlike a song, but she didn’t picture Travis to be the type of person to be talking like that. “A song can be pretty soothing too, not just sweet.” Not that Liv knew that many songs, she was a person of lullabies, she had heard many while traveling, she was sure one was going to come in handy in the future.

“It’s complicated, but yes, sometimes can start with a friendship and some other times it just happens. Don’t forget, sometimes people just enter your life and something good happens.” Something bad could also happen, but she didn’t want him to think that nor she wanted him to think it would happen only with friends, but the way she saw it, it was the same way, people entering someone else’s life. She shook her head. “It’s not that kind of scared, nor that type of excited.” She said with a chuckle. “I’d like to tell you that if you feel it, you’ll know but it might not happen. Sometimes it takes too long, you can either lose your chance or not…” not everyone experiences the same thing, and she couldn’t really explain a feeling, it was impossible to do so.

“You know, if I break that promise you’re allowed to do that, just track me down, pick me up and we’ll spend a few days together.” She stared at him with a wide smile. She was sure she wasn’t going to forget about him, nor the promise to visit him, but if it did happen, she wouldn’t be upset if he did such a thing, it would take her by surprise, but she was sure in the end they would both be laughing at it.

The conversation about May was a rather sad one for her, being able to finally say it washed away a lot of bad feelings, mostly anger, but sadness still lingered, perhaps she should have opened years ago, but she never felt comfortable enough doing so in the past. While her situation at the moment wasn’t exactly ideal was extremely helpful. She felt bad leaving Travis will all the work, after everything he did, he shouldn’t have been the one cleaning everything, but she gave in and when he offered his hand and walked to the living room.

“Thank you.” She smiled at him as they walked. It was a somewhat vulnerable situation, a situation she didn’t want herself to be in, but she was. She was pleased she wasn’t being taken over by anger. They walked into the living room and Liv looked around, surprisingly hadn’t let go of his hand, the touch gave her some comfort. “I mean it. Thank you, Travis.” She looked at him with a smile before wrapping her arms around him for a tight hug, that might have lasted longer than she had anticipated, but overall, she enjoyed the proximity.

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