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May, 2019
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Tallygarunga: Term One, VMU: Semester One

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An AU non-canon Harry Potter-inspired forum roleplay set in Australia.

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Professor Head of Spencer ☆ Professor of Elemental Magic, Head of Spencer✩ Kaitore
27 year old Halfblood Human ☆ HE/HIM

Across every single desk had been a pot, filled with dirt and what seemed to be a fully bloomed plant. Each one had been different in genus but one thing had been the same for each one, regardless of the type of flora it'd been. They'd been brittle, fragile and crumbling in despair, the coloration of petals had been off and they wilted under the light, while planted it seemed as if they hadn't gotten certain aspects of the nutrients it needed to keep hydrated. Stem's held a sickly pallor that reflected just how much they'd been suffering, that intervention had been a necessary option for such poor specimens. This, unfortunately, had been one of the many situations that some may end up running into in different parts of the world but certainly during severe droughts that could hit their current home at any moment - whatever Mother Nature's chaos demanded of it. 

He leaned against the desk and the usual expression of up-beat optimism had been struck away entirely, whatever had been on his mind still hadn't fully settled in. "Come on in, party people. I'll get right into what we'll be knocking this term out with." After the cursory introduction he awaited for everyone to file in and sit at a desk that seemed comfortable for them, there hadn't been any form of assigned seats as he felt it would restrict the feeling of freedom for the class. Pushing himself off of the desk and side stepping to reveal that his own table sported a pot with withered flower, clearly it had seen better days and it'd been his hope that in this class many of the flowers would be able to see them as well. 

"As you've all not doubt noticed, in front of you is a potted plant. Each one most likely different from your neighbor's around you. You may as well notice that it's not quite up to certain standards of living. They're dying, not yet dead, but on the brink of it." It had been dire straits but he hadn't wanted them to focus on the unfortunate condition that the fauna had been stuck within. "Considering that my way of saying, 'Welcome to Term Two of Elemental Magic.' " Afterwards there'd been an offered bow of a flourish before he continued on with his lecture. "Water has many applications and one of its primary ones is often in the thread of utility or support. Some of you may end up going into a personal belief or a job that involves preserving the environment in some fashion, this spell I'm about to teach you? It will help with restoring small plants and greenery." It wasn't one tailored towards the restoration of something as massive of a tree but managing the few things that it could target would still assist a bit of the ecosystem and the creatures that relied upon it to some degree. 

Derrick grasped his wand gingerly and started to trace it through the air to demonstrate the motion that instrument or one's finger would need while reciting the incantation. "Redde Aqua!" A pulse of magic pushed through the wand as the tip started to form a gentle stream of water that encircle the plant, pushing into the soil and towards the roots that had been embedded deep into it. Bit by bit, the health of the flora had started to improve. Perky and stout, the color of the petals vibrantly emitting as if they'd been recently colored by proper care. "I want to stress that this spell isn't designed to be a substitution for what the plant will need in a long term, but it helps it to keep fighting just a bit longer. Consider it more of a band aid to assist until nature's wrath has lessened and the conditions of its environment would end up  a bit more amiable.

"It is also what I call a 'gateway' spell. As much as it would assist Naturalists, it could also assist those following a path as a general healer." One of things he'd enjoyed about the subject of Elemental Magic, it had a piece of nearly every class that some of the students were most likely taking. Which meant that they would have extended tools that could be equally useful, developing an expansive repertoire in their arsenal. "And don't get frustrated if you don't get a hang of it easily. That's what we're working towards here.

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Bourke ☆ Apprentice BakerKirupachi
15 year old Halfbreed Veela ☆ She/Her

"Good morning, Professor Ackers!" Came the ever so cheerful greeting as soon as Samantha entered the classroom, grinning ear-to-ear: the first term had been all about fire, a subject which they loved, and the second term transitioned into something she was equally comfortable with - water. It was rare when the Bourke had so much confidence in herself heading into any given class, and it gave a pronounced boost to her already normally jolly demeanor.

Sitting by the desk, her gaze was greeted by the sight of a wilted flower, which made a dent in said high spirits. Even if it was for the sake of a class, she didn't much appreciate the sight of a living being in distress, even if it was plant life. But she understood practical knowledge only came with exactly that - practice. She didn't voice her displeasure with the situation, waiting for the initial lecture to finish so she could get her hands dirty.

Reaching for her wand, the girl traced the needed movement with its tip for the spell to take effect, although she didn't pronounce the incantation out of instinct - water had always felt like an extension of herself, such was the Veela nature. The spell took effect without much difficulty, having the desired outcome. Other than the plant, another thing was also restored, it being the smile in Samantha's lips.

"Like this?" She asked for confirmation - even if she was a natural in the matter, the subconscious insecurity borne of constant failures in every other avenue forced itself to be known.

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Sturt ☆ Sturt Quidditch Team BeaterKirupachi
17 year old Pureblood Human ☆ She/Her

Rachel found herself stepping out of her room earlier than usual. There was solid reasoning behind it: it would be the first class of her favorite material, within her favorite subject, taught by her favorite teacher. One would think that sort of thing would put a smile on the redhead's lips, given the excitement bubbling up under the surface, but that wasn't the case. She looked as hostile as ever - there just happened to be a twinge of interest in her gaze.

She took her usual seat in the front row, setting down her bag and unsheathing her wand. She didn't even need to see the teacher perform the spell, nor hear the incantation, to replicate the effect. If there was any area in magic Rachel excelled in, it was water based magic and nobody could take it from her. It was one of very, very few things in that world she felt she was worth a damn with, and she wouldn't hold back on it.

As she waited for a second task, the girl traced her wand in the air, wordlessly summoning a simple stream of water that followed the wand's movements around. A simple means of distracting herself, though she couldn't help but hope they'd get to do some precise target practice at one point or another.

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Sturt ☆ School & Sturt Quidditch Team Captain, Chaser & Dueling Club CaptainKirupachi
15 year old Halfblood Human ☆ She/Her

For once, Lisa had been just a little bit late for class - not much, of course, just a couple minutes at best - but she strangely didn't seem too upset at all about that notion that would have, normally, sent her into an angry outburst through the halls. The Sturt seemed to be in a fairly good mood, proved by the smile on her face and spring in her step, along with the strangely polite greeting to the teacher as she made her way into the classroom. "Good morning, Professor Ackers." She said, before making her way to sit near her (second) favorite redhead.

As she sat, she saw Rachel playing around with water in mid-air, as well as a potted, half-dead plant sitting in the middle of her desk. "Do I have to inject some life into this?" An easy assumption, and one she felt quite pleased about - there had been quite the 'injection of life' into Lisa herself recently, after all. Her question was met with a nod.

"Redde Aqua. Standard stuff." Rachel replied, not bothering to look at the fellow Sturt as she continued to make complex movements with her wand. Lisa took out her own, and performed the incantation in her head along with the appropriate movement of the wand, to cast the spell. Water formed and was lowered onto the soil. The girl didn't seem to be paying too much attention to what she was doing; whether she was legitimately distracted with her thoughts or was underestimating the spell was up for debate.

The end result was the water freezing on contact with the soil, forming a thin layer of ice on the pot, surrounding the plant. The ice formation caught her ear, and the Sturt glanced at her little accident. "Oh. Oops." The girl muttered before dispelling her mistake, repeating the process with success the next time.

"...What?" Rachel uttered under her breath as the other girl's reaction to the accident felt strange. What was going on?

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Spencer ☆ Spencer Quidditch Team Seeker, Pro WrestlerKirupachi
15 year old Halfblood Human ☆ She/Her

Amber, too, was running late. But not too late! The Spencer raced along the hallways to the Elemental Magic class, wanting to avoid a repeat of the last trimester. Quick and agile feet soon carried her into the classroom in what felt like record time, considering she had stepped into the school not five minutes prior. "Hey!" She greeted the teacher with a wave of two fingers, not bothering with any formalities before scuttling along to sit next to her cousin.

"Water, eh? Ain't that like, your thing?" Amber tried to make conversation immediately, noticing Samantha had finished whatever it was Professor Ackers had told them to do. She received a nod in response.

"Yes. One of, at least. You should get started too..." Amber set her beloved school bag down next to her chair and reached into her holster, retrieving her wand.

"Alright, what do I gotta do?"

"Redde Aqua. Like so." Samantha made the wand movement for Amber to memorize, without reciting the spell proper. After a nod, it was the Spencer's turn to try; she managed to do it successfully without much difficulty, having always had a knack to get that sort of thing first try.


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Flinders Kirupachi
15 year old Halfbreed Dhampir ☆ He/Him

"Good day, Professor." Said a cheerful looking Dhampir as he stepped within the confines of the classroom, looking more bright-eyed and healthy than was usual for him. Ian then smiled at the teacher and gave him a nod, and proceeded to sit down at the closest available desk. Placing a dark container with a straw atop the table, the boy let his backpack hang from the back of his chair while he withdrew his wand. Taking a gander at the plant and seeing the theme of a class, he didn't have to be present to know what he had to do; unfortunately, that didn't exactly came with the knowledge of how to perform the spell proper.

He took a sip of his drink through a straw poking out of the closed container - fresh blood, given to him earlier by what he hoped to be legal means - and thought about what the spell would have to be so he could be successful in revitalizing the poor plant. The students' backs, unfortunately, were shielding their spells from view so he couldn't copy. He ended up raising an arm.

"Professor, I apologize, but can you repeat it real quick? I'm afraid I've missed how to perform the spell."

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