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Blood Will Out

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Repository Tilani

This is a plot thing for Simon and Silvia Bican, and although it would be nice to get some things sorted sooner rather than later, it's a plot I want to wait to actually get off the ground once Silvia gets adopted and settled. That's because it will impact her, and I do want some "twins against the world" kind of moments.

For those unaware, Simon and Silvia claim the identity of Muggleborns, but it's a little more complicated than that. Their father, Aurel, is actually a Squib born to the fanatically Pureblooded Dragomir family in Romania, and abandoned in an orphanage in Bucharest when it became clear that he was simply not a late bloomer while they told everyone their only son died of dragon pox.

The twins (and their mother, Viorica) weren't aware of this until they expressed magic which upended their family and caused a lot of strife. Aurel didn't even want to send the kids away to learn magic until he was informed of the death sentence that would be, as he didn't want them exposed to "that world".

It left its mark on both twins, but Simon outwardly more so. It's the root of his anti-Pureblood attitudes, and especially his anger towards any older male Purebloods, the patriarch of those families. The irony is that Simon is actually the spitting image of his grandfather - something which is becoming more apparent to Aurel as Simon grows older, and fracturing the already delicate relationship between father and son. That's right, Simon's own face is traumatising to his father.

Naturally, this is going to be the year that the Dragomir secret becomes the Bican truth (Aurel took Viorica's name), upending the twins and their friend groups (well, mostly Silvia's I guess, since right now Simon's basically crying that he has one friend, it's Teddy, and he's a dick to him), explaining a good chance of Simon's assholery, and generally being an amazing source of drama and gossip.

So what's needed?

  • Silvia, because this is her story as well, and they need to go through this together
  • A way to reveal this secret. The simplest (and probably most traumatising for Simon) way would be for someone with enough connections to the Dragomirs to look at Simon and realising he is identical to Wizard Dragomir. Especially as we have a couple of Romanian wizards about the place, and a couple of other well-connected European Purebloods. But if you have another solution, suggest it!
  • Friends to deal with the fallout. People to support the twins, shoulders to cry on, ears to be sympathetic.
  • And people who are gonna be assholes about the whole thing. Because you know they will be. Whether it's people who Simon does not get on with finding amusement in his pain, or just pointing out Mr Anti-Pureblood isn't that Muggleborn at all, I don't know.

Anyway, that is what I have sketched out so far. Any suggestions and questions, toss 'em my way!

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