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May, 2019
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Tallygarunga: Term One, VMU: Semester One

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An AU non-canon Harry Potter-inspired forum roleplay set in Australia.

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VMU Students ☆ Quidditich Player - Chaser , Muay Thai Assistant✩ Kaitore
18 year old Muggleborn Human ☆ HE/HIM

Cheat day! This came around rarely for Tyson with his usual heightened regiment between Muay Thai training, Quidditich Training at VMU and the Auror Program's intensive exercises both in spells and body preparation. Ones mind always needed to be sharp and the true height of making it a honed edge had been to give it proper breaks and reasonable relaxation periods. This led him to Mrs. K's shop, a place he would often head to during his time at Tally if only to treat himself a bit better after denying some of the good stuff to avoid over-excess of a good thing. After all, for someone like himself, it should be more of a reward than an indulgence. His future hinged on how well he could keep his body in tip-top shape and having it fall apart on him would hinder a lot more than just a career. 

"Yo', what's up Mr. K! Sorry I haven't been poppin' on by lately. Ya' know how it is with Universities these days they just swallow up all the time." He'd been coming to the humble shop since he started Tallygarunga and had been allowed a certain degree of freedom due to his home situation. While there'd been heavy limitations at first, as the years went on and the restrictions gave way to accountability of his own actions and awareness he made sure to make visit as often as seemed viable for him between trainings. "Think for now? I'll just run with the pop rocks and a bit of a sweet drink." Placing the two things he'd planned to buy on the counter his hand pressed into his pocket to reach for his wallet. 

As he started to pull it out something briefly caught his eye and his hand rose up and a finger extended upwards as he asked for 'One Moment' silently while going to check out one of the displays that had been put up. It wouldn't be bad if he took just a tad bit extra, right? There seemed to be a new set of lollies in for the season, the clear design of them showed they'd been handmade and not mass produced in a factory by the way that the wrapping had been carefully wrung together. Not in a sense of precision or haste but with the idea of taking ones time leaving the ever human error of wrinkles along the edges of the plastic. He'd been a sucker for a well-made sucker, that had been for sure. 

The tip of his finger grasped two of them and brought them towards the counter and placed them on top of it as the older male stated the price. It seemed to be pretty busy this time of day too, of course, that could've been thanks to the fact that Tallygarunga and a couple of other schools had been on their break giving the students far more time on their hand to relax and enjoy the various surroundings. 

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Spencer ☆ StudentPoppy
16 year old Pureblood Human ☆ She/Her

That was one phone call she could have gone the entire week without receiving. But since it was from her Mother regarding her ‘career’ it was one she got at least every other day. Apparently the last cheque she had supplied from her last job hadn’t lasted as long as Bertie had hoped and her Mother was ringing to just let her know she would be needed to step out into the muggle modelling world again. This was something the young Witch had been trying to avoid, having her face and body splashed on some shiny magazine that would, undoubtedly, end up in the hands of one or several of her fellow students and then pasted around the school was something she rather not face gain.

This had led her into a plan that would fail, but she’d try anyway. This plan was too put on so much weight that no agency would want her to be their face. Sadly, she had tried this before and, well, it didn’t work. This didn’t stop her from folding up the school work she’d been doing in her room, tucking it into her bag and heading out the school to the local shop. A list of the things she would buy formed as she travelled the distance on foot and had grown as long as she pushed her way through the shop doors.

A couple bars of chocolate, two bags of crisps and one rather calorie heavy soft drink made their way into her hands. Though in the long run these snacks wouldn’t be eaten all in one go nor would they make that much difference to her waist line, the comfort aspects of them were something she was looking forwards too. Having gathered everything she felt she could use and would need to chase away the spectre of her Mother.

Without really paying much attention to her surroundings she stepped in what would turn into an orderly queue when another person stepped inside the milkbar. Shifting awkwardly, she moved her bag around too try and grab her purse. It was during this ridiculous manoeuvre that she fell forwards slightly knocking into the unsuspecting person in front of her, whilst dropping all her items on the floor.

“Merde!” she exclaimed in her native tongue kneeling down to hurriedly gather up her fallen items, then remembering she knocked into someone, looked up with one chocolate bar in her hand and said “Je suis vraiment désolée.” not really thinking that the person in front of her might not actually understand French.

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VMU Students ☆ Quidditich Player - Chaser , Muay Thai Assistant✩ Kaitore
18 year old Muggleborn Human ☆ HE/HIM

Just as Tyson hand reached out to grasp the couple sticks of lollipops he felt a sudden impact, his feet firmly pressed into the ground on instinct hand his hands rose up in a defense stance as if he'd ready to perform a clench on some kind of attacker. Eyes whipped about the horizon to find no one at first when the sudden movement down below caused his attention to redirect towards the ground. It'd been a brunette haired young teen and one that seemed foreign not just from the words she'd spoken but the weight of the accent she wore. "Oh, woah, my bad." He stated apologetically and then started to kneel down gathering up as many of the things he could swiftly, handing it back towards her to put inside the bag that had dropped. 

His head tilted in confusion as she spoke towards him, had it been some kind of apology? He wasn't sure, amongst the languages that had been taught in Tallygarunga, ones from other countries hadn't been covered unless they were magical or dead ones. "Uh. . . My bad, yo, I didn't really get that. . .?" There'd been some hope that she wasn't in the position to not be able to communicate, that would've just made everything far more awkward in his opinion. 

After it seemed like everything that had been dropped had been in order he started to stand up his hand reached out to assist her if she felt as if she needed a bit of assistance standing back up after knocking into him. "That's my fault, I should've have stayed there too long staring at the lollipops. Probs a sign that I shouldn't even be looking at the things to begin with." All the effort he took to keeping himself in shape hadn't been the most easiest of regiments and overindulging on something had been what led many of athletes down a very shake path of unhealthiness. Looking towards the shelf section of handmade lollie's once more he gave a casual shrug. "Oh well." A touch of a casual smirk creased on his lips. 

"I hope I didn't ruin any of the stuff ya' ended up snagging. Mr. Kemps makes some pretty hitting milk shakes from what some folks say. I can treat ya' to it." Unless it'd been like talking to a broken wall because for a moment he nearly forgot that she actually might not speak a lick of English. 

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